PHOTOS: Tron Coaster Construction Update at Magic Kingdom 2/16/19

Construction on the upcoming Tron coaster in Magic Kingdom is moving ahead at full speed. Planned to be a clone of Tron Light Cycle Power Run in Shanghai Disney Resort, construction is taking place just north of Space Mountain. A lot has changed since they first started clearing land last year.

If you’re familiar with the attraction from Shanghai Disney, you can definitely imagine what it will look like from this view.

They recently installed a new crane tower at the construction site. You can see it makes quite the impression.

Just to the left of the red crane tower is the foundation for a portion of the ride. You can see the steel supports in place to hold the track pillars.

Here’s the same crane seen from the ground. This was taken from near the Fantasyland train station.

Once again, but this time from the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

They made quite a mess of the ground over here. In the foreground, we can see tree stumps in the process of being removed. Behind that, you can see workers at the foundation site.

You can see the foundation a bit from here as well, behind the mounds of dirt.

All sorts of different construction trucks have been rolling in and out of the area non-stop.

They have a long way to go still if they want to be finished by 2021. Keep checking back with us as construction continues, we’ll have pictures as soon as it goes vertical!