The Flight of Passage re-entry pass

New Queue Re-Entry Pass Allows Guests To Leave, Re-Enter Avatar Flight of Passage Queue in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Anybody who has ever gone to Walt Disney World with a small child knows the pain of waiting in line for hours, only to have to push your way back through a crowd of people in order to take the kid to the bathroom, but a new system in Pandora: The World of Avatar may change all that.

A new Queue Re-Entry Pass is now in use for those waiting in the notoriously long lines for Avatar Flight of Passage. If a guest needs to leave the line to use the bathroom, they can locate a Cast Member who will give them a lanyard with the pass attached.

A photo of the new Flight of Passage “potty pass,” courtesy of The Main Street Mouse.

The rest of your party must wait in line, but the guest can exit the queue to use the bathroom. Once you return, you can re-enter through the FastPass line, where you will wait in a holding area until your party arrives at the location where the FastPass and standby lines merge.

The pass says it is valid for one guest only, but it’s not clear if more than one person in the party could be issued a pass (which would be necessary in a situation where a child is too young to go to the bathroom alone.)

The new pass has many speculating that its use on Flight of Passage could be a test run for a system that would be implemented when Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run opens this summer.

With the Walt Disney World website already posting warnings about heavy crowds causing capacity issues once Galaxy’s Edge opens on August 29, it’s a safe bet that this will be a way to help manage guests who need to come and go from lines with wait times that could easily exceed three or four hours.

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2 years ago

What happens if you are alone in the line? How do you get back into the line once you finish using the bathroom?