PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 3/27/19 (New Hats, Galaxy’s Edge Spires, Animation Courtyard Archway Appreciation, ETC.)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is nearing its 30th anniversary this May, and the park has never had as many construction projects going as it has in the last two years. They’re starting to wrap up on many of these, but there’s still a bit of a way to go. Let’s catch up on the latest happenings and updates around the park!


Here’s a view you won’t get too often. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is peeking through the trees on Grand Avenue.

Ultimately, they don’t want you to be able to see anything from this side of the tunnel. We’re well into the dry season here in Florida, so the trees are starting to look pretty bare.

I’m curious if they’re planning on adding any more trees to hide this rock work. It sort of stands out when you’re on the far end of Grand Avenue.

The view from Toy Story Land is about the same. Lots of scaffolding.

They’d better hurry up if they want that rock spire finished by August. It’s still just a steel frame!

Outside the park, they finally finished the toppers on the Disney Skyliner Station. They just need to paint them and put up the flags to make it match the bus shelters and park entrance.

The Skyliner was suspiciously devoid of gondolas today. Testing must be wrapping up on this line.

It hasn’t been this empty for a couple of months now.

The security bag check is taking shape. I would bet that the siding will be installed here soon.

A lot of the concrete is finished, but more still needs to be laid.

They have the concrete for the left side of the tram loop, but the right is still just dirt.

This will be your view if you’re approaching from either the buses or the Skyliner. There’s lots of fresh concrete over here, as well.

This is the side of the bag check closest to the park entrance, near Guest Relations. I’m thinking this might be where one of the exits will be.


Lotso Hat ($24.99)

Enough of the construction. Let’s get to the merch! There’s loads of new head gear that’s just arrived at the park.

Tiki Room Hat ($27.99)
Mad Tea Party Hat ($27.99)
Sully Headband ($27.99)
Youth Shirt ($24.99)

I also found this… odd youth shirt. It’s one of those sequin pattern shirts, where you can flip the sequins over. I guess someone somewhere might like this.


This water fountain has been out of order across from the ABC Commissary for about a week and a half now. I even saw maintenance cast members working on it at one point. It must need a lot of work. I wonder if this is an original water fountain from 30 years ago?

With Hollywood Studios constantly in flux, I never take anything for granted. I like to take time out of my day to enjoy some of the older details in the park, because we never know when or if they’ll disappear. For example, the engraving on the “Hollywood Studios” gate that leads into Animation Courtyard.

This really encapsulates what this park wanted to be, back when it was Disney-MGM Studios. The focus on film production was key.

You get two Hollywood icons here, the Chinese Theater and Carthay Circle, both of which have representations within the park.

This part represents the animation studio that used to operate within the park. “Lilo and Stitch” and “Mulan” were entirely created within the building that now houses Star Wars Launch Bay.

That’s all for today! What’s your favorite tiny detail in Hollywood Studios? Are you looking forward to the 30th anniversary? Let us know!