PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/14/19 (Sisters Soiree Dance Party, Trolley Horse Appreciation, Construction Updates, ETC.)

It’s a beautiful morning at the Magic Kingdom! Let’s take a lap.

If you’re in the hub at the right time, you can see the trolley all set up in anticipation of the trolley show. It gives you a rare chance to get up close and personal with the horse!

That’s a good lookin’ animal right there.

Speedway Construction

The Tomorrowland Speedway is approximately halfway through its re-alignment.

Before it reopens this May, they need to put the track back!

The path seems pretty obvious, but as of now, it’s just dirt. I doubt these cars can handle it off-road, do you?

They’ve laid the concrete for the stairs next to the overpass. These are for Cast Members to easily access the upper levels of the track while it’s in operation.

They finally started doing some work on the track nearest Space Mountain. It looks like they’re removing the wall that separates the track from the path. I believe they are planning on widening the path, as it will be the main access point to the upcoming Tron coaster.

Sisters Soiree Dance Party

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Disney set up a very special dance party just for the girls.

The DJ was very energetic and was pretty good at getting the crowd involved and excited.

The characters included Judy Hopps, Joy, Lilo, and Jessie. I believe a good time was had by all. You can see our video of the event below.


They were running Splash Mountain today with minimal water on the main flume. It’s not a safety issue or anything, it just sort of breaks the illusion.

Brand new concrete over by Pirates of the Caribbean. Looks nice! The difference between the old pavement and the new is substantial.

The mystery project outside the berm continues. They’ve started installing what looks like a retaining wall.

The structure in the middle there is also some sort of tunnel. Whether it’s for water or humans or something else, I’m not sure.

That’s it for today from the Magic Kingdom! Join us for the next in-depth Photo Report right here on WDWNT.

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