PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 3/14/19 (Construction Updates, Spring Break Crowds, Walt Disney Presents, ETC.)

Let’s see what’s going on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today!

First thing’s first: the Muppet*Vision 3D building has been painted completely grey.

They started painting parts of the building a while back, since you could see it from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I guess they decided they’d rather it be one solid color, however at the expense of the fun Muppet murals that were once here. I can’t say I’m a fan of this decision.

At least this stroller parking sign is askew… not on purpose, mind you, but it feels like something the Muppets would do.

Ongoing Construction

The mouldings for the top of the Disney Skyliner station have moved from the ground to the roof. They’re not installed yet, but they’re about ready to be.

They had been staged here earlier. The walls around this area are now gone, revealing a grassy drive that connects to the parking lot.

They seem to have slowed down tremendously on the new bus loop. It seems like it’s been “almost done” for several weeks.

The ABC Commissary has been under the knife for a bit, all while remaining open. They’re installing new self-serve soda fountains.

I would imagine they’re close to finishing. It shouldn’t take more than a month to install something like that.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge looks about the same from this angle. It’s hard to tell what’s changed from the ground.

This scrim just behind the trees is new, though.

I think it might be for another rock spire, but one of the shorter ones.


Beauty and the Beast is back after a short refurbishment. Now you can go back to watching Gaston eat several dozen eggs five times a day. (Disclaimer: Not really.)

The Fantasmic sign is still off. I’m rarely here in the evening, so I don’t know if it’s broken or just turned off during the day. Either way, it looks awkward turned off.

It’s Spring Break, which means it’s busy. This was the stand-by line for the film in Star Wars Launch Bay. You know, the movie no one ever watches. That’s how busy it is.

Walt Disney Presents

When it’s that busy, to paraphrase Ariel, I like to go where the people aren’t. So I took a stroll through Walt Disney Presents. No, not to meet Mike and Sulley. I just like to take it slow and look at all the history.

If you’ve never taken the time to peruse Walt Disney Presents, it’s essentially a Walt Disney museum. There’s lots of great stuff in here.

It’s the perfect solution to a hot, busy day.

That’s it for today. What’s your tip for beating the Spring Break crowds? Let us know!

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