The super-cute Casey Jr. popcorn bucket and Dumbo sipper

PHOTOS: New Casey Jr. Popcorn Bucket and Dumbo Sipper Make Their Way to Disney Springs

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Casey Jr. sure made it to Orlando fast. Just yesterday, we spotted him and Dumbo out at Disneyland Park, and today, Disney Springs announced he’d be out for sale by the food trucks, while Dumbo would be available at B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. We decided to investigate and find out purchase limits and logistics for you, as well as get more pictures of the adorable snack duo.

While both are on display at the popcorn stand in front of Exposition Park, only the Casey Jr. Popcorn Bucket is sold at this location. (As previously mentioned, the Dumbo Sipper is available at B.B. Wolf’s.)

The Casey Jr. Popcorn Bucket retails for $17.00 and there is a purchase limit of 2 buckets per guest. The Dumbo Sipper will run you $18.00, also with a purchase limit of 2.

At roughly $35 for both pieces, you’re looking at a relatively expensive plastic train set, but for Dumbo fans old and new, this is an adorable snack set.

If you’re out at Disney Springs today for the bucket and sipper and manage to work up an appetite, check out our review of the new Mac & Cheese Food Truck that just arrived yesterday at Exposition Park. If you’re over by B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co., we recently reviewed their revamped menu as well!

And for a full photoshoot of Dumbo and Casey Jr. chugging along Disneyland Park, head over to our post from yesterday and take a look!

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