REVIEW: Herbie The Love Bug 50th Anniversary Cupcake Zooms Into Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

“The Love Bug” was officially released on March 13th, 1969. 50 years later here we are, celebrating at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort with an all-new cupcake commemorating the 50th anniversary of the movie!

The Love Bug Cupcake can be found at the World Premiere Food Court and costs $5.49.

The “53” graphic on the white chocolate melts quickly in the heat, so take those pictures fast!

The cupcake has a white chocolate circle on the front with the classic “53”, and a red and blue fondant band. A massive portion of chocolate mousse sits on top of the chocolate-based cupcake, which is covered in powdered sugar.

The back of the cupcake was missing some powdered sugar coverage.

Here you can see the ratio of chocolate mousse to chocolate cake. It’s almost 1:1, and the amount of mousse on top is necessary to give the cake that Herbie/Volkswagen Beetle look, but makes the cake hard to eat. That being said, if you aren’t a fan of mousse, we’d be hard-pressed to recommend this cupcake, because it’s practically 50% mousse.

However, the cupcake is super fitting for the Love Bug area of the resort, and a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic movie.

Overall, though, the cupcake is still pretty basic in flavor. In my opinion, other than the pretty looks and commemoration of the movie, it’s a pretty skippable cupcake.


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