PHOTOS: New Construction Walls Appear at the International Gateway in Epcot

It seems like the moment one set of construction walls come down, new ones take their place. At the International Gateway in Epcot, we recently noticed a new area had been blocked off from guest access.

internationalgateway2 26 19 9

This area is on the inside of the park, just beyond the security check and turnstiles. This doesn’t appear to be connected to the Skyliner in any way, mainly due to its location.

internationalgateway2 26 19 7

internationalgateway2 26 19 2

internationalgateway2 26 19 6

Even though this area wraps around and beyond the park entrance, it’s technically inside the perimeter. The only way to access it before was from this side of the turnstiles.

internationalgateway2 26 19 3

This is the view from just outside the park, near the Friendship Boats dock.

internationalgateway2 26 19 10

There were workers present, but no obvious demolition or construction had started yet.

internationalgateway2 26 19 1

They have a dirt mover stationed inside as well.

As of now, we can only speculate what this project is. It could possibly be a widening of the pathway, or eventually an expansion of the turnstiles/security area. After all, they are updating all park entrances for improved security and traffic flow, and this is technically one of them. With the Skyliner opening this Fall, that could come in handy. We’ll keep you updated on this project as it progresses.