REVIEW: Banana Chocolate Chip with Dulce De Leche Ice Cream from Sprinkles in Disney Springs

Few people know that deep within the Sprinkles cupcake fortress, there’s actually a treasure trove of unique, house-made ice cream flavors to try. They announce seasonal flavors from time to time, but for the most part, it’s almost a best-kept secret. Last time, when we were there reviewing the Shamrock cupcake, most everyone waiting for their order had actually gotten ice cream, despite the bakery’s mainstay being signature-frosted cupcakes. Perhaps it’s time we ventured out… into the world of Sprinkles ice cream. Their newest flavor is Banana Chocolate Chip, studded with dark chocolate chunks and a dulce de leche swirl. Let’s dig in!

The best way we describe this was “frozen banana in a cup, but better.” As far as texture goes, this has your standard ice cream texture, albeit slightly icier than we hoped for. (Although we think some of the icier chunks were actually frozen banana!)

At first, we were worried that the dulce de leche would make this overly sweet, but it’s just right, and it offers a gooey aspect to the ice cream.

Believe it or not, this is a double scoop… they must’ve really packed it in there. (No, but really, two scoops is large enough to share, and is still more than enough ice cream.)

If you like chocolate covered bananas, you’ll definitely like this ice cream. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of banana, it’s still a really tasty cold treat to have on warmer days, or just because. A double scoop will run you $6.95 and is plenty to share.

Have you tried out Sprinkles ice cream before? While they do have a full menu of flavors, this is a seasonal one, so head on over to Disney Springs and try it out before it’s gone!

Sprinkles’ ice cream menu, for posterity (and future price increases.)
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