REVIEW: Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Is More Than Just Character Dining at Napa Rose in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa


REVIEW: Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Is More Than Just Character Dining at Napa Rose in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa


REVIEW: Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Is More Than Just Character Dining at Napa Rose in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures at Napa Rose in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is the newest and most elaborate character dining at the Disneyland Resort. This breakfast really is an experience, rather than just a standard character dining. The experience is designed to last around 2 hours and features an impressive 3-course breakfast, character interactions with between 6-8 Princesses, activities, storytelling, gifts, and even a glass of champagne for the adults.

Entrance DPBA

Once you arrive at Napa Rose, you are shown to the lounge where you can wait for your table. Children in your party will be given a choice between 2 different autograph books and pens.

Autograph book 2 DPBA

Autograph book DPBA

Autograph pens DPBA

While in the lounge, you will be introduced to your first “Adventure Guide”, as the Cast Members here are referred to, who will start to explain what is in store and encourage you to sign the Adventure Book.

Adventure book DPBA

Tangled themed Tic-Tac-Toe will help you pass the time until your first visit from a princess, Rapunzel herself!

Tic Tac Toe 1 DPBA

Rapunzel DPBA

After your first princess interaction, you will be shown to your table. We were served a basket of breakfast breads and spreads, which on this occasion were Conchas (Mexican sweet bread) and Lemon Curd.

Concha DPBA

Adults will be offered a glass of champagne and everyone will be offered a choice of complimentary beverages including coffee, soda, and juice.

Coffee mug and napkin DPBA

Champagne and coffee DPBA

You will also be provided with a menu of Royal Morning Libations which includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options for purchase.

Royal Morning Libations DPBA

We opted to try Still Royal After Midnight Mimosa, and The Lost Wand & Forgotten Magic Words.

Royal Morning Libations group

Still Royal After Midnight Mimosa features Ketel One Orange Vodka, Massenez Creme de Peche, Pomegranate, Tangerine, and Brut Sparkling Wine. It was a nice fruity take on a mimosa with tangerine being the most prominent flavor.

Still Royal After Midnight Mimosa DPBA

The Lost Wand & Forgotten Magical Words features Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Domaine Du Canton Ginger, Pineapple juice, Lime Juice, Strawberry Puree, Passionfruit Syrup, and Falernum Syrup. The passion fruit and strawberry flavors stood out the most and it was a delicious and not overly sweet take on a Tiki drink.

The Lost Wand and Forgotten Magic Words DPBA

Before our first course had been brought out, we had already had our second visit from a princess, this time it was Belle.

Belle DPBA

Once Belle took her leave, our first course was presented, a tower of cold starters.

Cold Starters Tower DPBA

Cold Starter Tower top tier DPBA

Cold Starters middle tier DPBA

cold starters bottom tier DPBA

The cold starters included a banana wrap with berry compote, Tangled Ham and Cheese sandwiches with cranberry cream cheese, Tiana’s Caramel Beignets, Mini Lobster Rolls (or Mini Hot Dogs upon request), and a Chia and Granola Parfait. The banana wrap and caramel beignets were favorites at our table. The Banana Wrap was rolled in Nutella and a crepe with caramelized sugar on top. The Caramel Beignets were light and fluffy, although the caramel flavor wasn’t very pronounced.

For the second course, you are invited to visit the buffet for hot options including Perfect Scrambled Eggs, Mini Chicken and Mickey Waffles, Mac & Cheese, Braised Short Rib, Roasted Tomatoes and Asparagus, and Pulled Beef Sliders, along with more standard fare such as bacon, turkey sausage, and fresh fruit.

Breakfast 2 DPBA

Breakfast 1 DPBA

One last dish from the second course is brought directly to your table, Papas Bravas served with Romesco sauce.

Papas DPBA

The Papas Bravas were nicely seasoned and crispy. The Mini Chicken and Mickey Waffle and Braised Short Rib were favorites. The Braised Short Rib was extremely tender and had a wonderful flavor, and it’s hard to go wrong with Mickey Waffles.

During our meal, we had visits from multiple princess including Belle, Tiana, Jasmine, and Aurora.

Tiana DPBA

Jasmine DPBA

Aurora DPBA

The final course is a selection of desserts delivered to your table. Before you can start on your desserts, your Adventure Guide informs you that the Fairy Godmother has asked her to put the final touches on the desserts, and she dusts your desserts with edible glitter sprinkled from a magic wand!

Dessert service DPBA

The desserts include Mulan’s Firecracker Sorbet, Ariel’s Sea Shell Macarons, Pocahontas Peanut Butter Crunch, Belle’s Petite Raspberry Tarts, and Princess Cake Pops. Mulan’s Firecracker Sorbet was a favorite, a strawberry honey sorbet topped with Cotton Candy and Pop Rocks.

Firecracker Sorbet DPBA

Seashell macaron DPBA

Peanut butter dessert DPBA

Raspberry tart DPBA

Princess Cake pops DPBA

Once breakfast is done, your Adventure Guide will escort you outdoors for more adventures with the Princesses. We were greeted by Mulan, who gathered everyone around to tell stories of her adventures.

Mulan storytelling DPBA

Mulan DPBA

Next we met Pocahontas, who taught us greetings and showed us how to paddle a canoe.

Pocahontas DPBA

Lastly, we were brought back indoors for a final greeting and portrait with another Princess.

Ariel DPBA

Ariel and a PhotoPass photographer greeted us and we were provided a card so that we could get digital downloads of our portrait session with Ariel.

Ariel 2 DPBA

Here’s a look at the buffet as well as the special Princess interactions that are part of the breakfast:

One the way out, we were given parting gifts. Crown necklaces with Swarovski Crystals are given to the children with a Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures bag and adults were given Princess Chocolates.

gift DPBA

So, with a price tag of $125 for both children and adults, was it worth it?

We really didn’t have many negatives to report, aside from the cost and the fact that Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club discounts are not offered.

The Princess interactions were some of the best that we’ve seen, and all very comfortable and enjoyable. Each Princess took their time and engaged with all the guests, even the adults. The food was plentiful and delicious. The dining room was a comfortable environment with tables spaced far enough away from each other, and they didn’t seat all the tables in the restaurant, allowing for more comfortable interactions with the Princesses. The encounters after the meal felt really special and enjoyable. For your favorite princess in training, the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures will certainly create some lasting magical memories.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures is offered Thursday through Monday from 8am – 12pm.

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  1. Would NOT recommend! Super disappointing. Felt rushed except Mulan. No princess greeted us while we waited in the lounge. Tiana, Aurora, & Jasmine came to our table for maybe 2 minutes each. Signed the autograph book with just their names (exception—jasmine did write Love, Princess Jasmine and drew a magic lamp. Jasmine also came by a 2nd time to say a quick hi.) Posed for a picture. Answered a question super quickly. Maybe because our table was in a corner and it was hard to get to it. The service was about the same as at the IHOP the day before. Kept looking around for waiter and busboy. Never brought cream for my coffee, had to ask another waiter (this kinda seems like a standard thing which is why I mention it). Other staff also helped out, which is nice, but they say I’ll tell your waiter (kinda felt like they were saying “it’s not my job, but I can’t say that.”) It felt like everyone was tired or overworked. Possibly because we had a later reservation (10:20, the last one is 10:40). It felt like it was the end of their long shift. The food was fine, but not (my) kid friendly. The exception is the dessert tray at the end, which is magical and made it almost worth it! While I did this for my daughter, it did feel lame that we paid the same for adult and kid, but there is 1 autograph book and 1 pen, 1 crown necklace (or sword & shield). The princess “backpack” & 2 chocolates in a box could theoretically be for the adult, but it comes altogether in one bag handed to the kid. So, it’s a tough sell to say, that’s not for them, right? I asked if we could pay for one of each gift, but the answer was “No, you could buy the other item in the park because they don’t sell them.” Also, they assume your girl wants the necklace and your boy wants the sword/shield. After you pay Belle greets each kid, poses for pic, then reads the Beauty & the Beast story (less then 4 minutes). Mulan greets each kid and teaches 1 fighting move with a loud shout (by far the best princess experience at the breakfast). Ariel greets you in another room, poses for a picture, and that is the only professional photo pass picture taken. There was one super sparkly employee named Kristen. I complimented her to the manager. In comparison we had an amazing experience at Goofy’s kitchen for 1/3 the price, and it was dinner!

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