REVIEW: New Blizzard Burger, Rice Bowls, Salted Caramel Milkshake, and Key Lime Pie at Lottawatta Lodge in Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

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Disney’s Water Parks are back in action and they’re looking fresher than ever. Between refurbishments and new “Splash Pack” add-on offerings, they’re eager to draw in crowds. We’re here to tell you that dining at the water parks is totally underrated, and we’ve brought you a menu review to prove it. Need further convincing before packing your bathing suit? Read on to discover all the latest offerings at Blizzard Beach’s Lottawatta Lodge counter service, including a park-specific burger, flatbreads, and milkshakes!

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

We’re really just here for the food.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

Lottawatta Lodge Full Menu

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

Signs at the registers advertised their new chocolate-covered key lime pie dessert, as well as reminded guests that vegan and vegetarian options are available at the location.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

Ice Gator presents… the full spread of goods.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

We got the Blizzard Burger, the White Cap Flatbread, a Roasted Chicken Rice Bowl, a Plant-Based rice bowl, a Salted Caramel Milkshake, and the now-hyped chocolate-covered key lime pie… on a stick.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

White Cap Flatbread – $11.75

blizzard beach new menu january 2019
“Ice Gator, no!”

This flatbread includes chicken breast, bacon, white sauce, parmesan cheese, bell peppers, and tomato. It’s vastly different from the usual cheese or pepperoni flatbreads that were offered here.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

Somehow, this is inexplicably the best counter service flatbread on Disney property. Unlike most Disney flatbreads that suffer from excessive crust (i.e. toppings not all the way to the edges), this flatbread actually had the toppings evenly distributed throughout. The chicken, cheese, and white sauce were all delicious, and combined with the bacon for a delicious comfort food experience. We recommend this if you’re looking for a shareable snack or a filling flatbread.

Blizzard Burger – $13.49

blizzard beach new menu january 2019
Don’t get any ideas, Ice Gator.

The menu board advertises this burger as being topped with “sweet and smokey ham jam” and cheddar on a pretzel bun, served with coleslaw and steak fries. The previous iteration of Blizzard Burger used to be topped with beef brisket, but no longer.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

We won’t beat around the bush here. The lowkey stars of this dish are the thick, seasoned french fries and the extremely soft, fresh bun… but we know you aren’t here for just bread and potatoes.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

The Blizzard Burger, while still containing your standard Disney burger patty, is one of the best we’ve had. It isn’t burnt to a crisp and all the toppings combine to make it far better than it has any right to be.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

Roasted Chicken Rice Bowl -$9.99

This dish is pretty straightforward with its roasted chicken, vegetables, and rice… although they do give it a kick by adding some kind of teriyaki or sesame ginger sauce to it, as well as topping the bowl with additional sesame seeds, which are a nice touch. The chicken was perfectly cooked (and not dry) and shredded for ease of consumption.

We’ll go out on a limb here and say that it’s actually really nice to get fresh steamed vegetables at the water parks. Just like with the parks on a hot day, you don’t want to eat something really heavy that’ll weigh you down, and the veggies as a side here really helps in that department.

Plant-Based Rice Bowl – $9.99

The plant-based alternative to the other rice bowl is the roasted tofu bowl. As with the chicken, the tofu was also well cooked and coated in a sesame sauce. The same comments from the chicken bowl apply to this bowl, really, and we appreciate there being vegetarian and vegan options in the parks. In fact, Lottawatta Lodge has an entire vegan and vegetarian menu.

Salted Caramel Milkshake – $5.69

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

We got a salted caramel milkshake to wash this hefty meal down with. While it was very refreshing, they are a little heavy-handed on the salt here, so if you don’t like salted caramel, perhaps ask them to hold off on topping it with even more salt. That being said, we also like that peppermint shakes are on offer, as this is Blizzard Beach and the minty cool flavors match well with your surroundings. While the shake was good, if you’re only planning on getting one dessert at Blizzard Beach, we have news for you.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

Chocolate-Covered Key Lime Pie – $4.29

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

Get the Chocolate-covered Key Lime Pie on a stick. It’s cold, refreshing, and quite possibly one of our favorite sweet treats on property.

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

This is almost reminiscent of the Key Lime Pie on a stick sold at Neighborhood Bakery at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it does appear to be a common trend now a days. (There’s also a version of this at Sebastian’s Bistro.)

blizzard beach new menu january 2019

It’s a heaping portion of frozen key lime pie, complete with a creamy tartness coming from the custard melting perfectly with the graham cracker crust and dark chocolate coating. This is the perfect marriage of sweet and dart. If you like key lime pie at all, this is a must-try for you!


We really want to stress just how fresh and high-quality all the food we’ve had at the water parks is. It’s hard to believe that this food comes from a quick service location. (Yes, it’s that good.) We wouldn’t hesitate to put Lottawatta Lodge in our Top 5 counter service locations at Walt Disney World, and with varied options for all kinds of eaters and dietary preferences, this is definitely a winner.

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