REVIEW: Delicious New Dumbo Treats Soar into Big Top Souvenirs in the Magic Kingdom

big top souvenirs dumbo cupcake
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With the release of the new live-action version of Dumbo hitting theaters this Friday, March 29th, Big Top Souvenirs has flown in a few new treats in celebration of the fabulous, floating pachyderm.

big top souvenirs dumbo cupcake

big top souvenirs dumbo

We decided to give the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake and this sweet little White Chocolate-Covered Dumbo-shaped cookie a try.

Dumbo Peanut Butter Cupcake – $5.19

This is a chocolate cupcake topped with peanut butter flavored frosting, crushed peanuts, and a marshmallow circus peanut.

big top souvenirs dumbo

The Cast Member told us when we ordered this cupcake that the cake was more moist than the usual Disney Parks cupcake, and she wasn’t wrong. Honestly, it was almost too moist to the point where it was kind of sticky, and I think I prefer the dryer cake in the other cupcakes.

big top souvenirs dumbo

The frosting, on the other hand, is where this cupcake really shines. It tastes like sweet, fluffy whipped peanut butter, and that’s coming from a girl who isn’t necessarily the biggest fan in general of peanut butter. I was more than happy finishing all of the frosting off the top, while leaving most of the cake. The marshmallow circus peanut was a nice touch as well, and they’ve always been a guilty pleasure of mine.

Chocolate Covered Dumbo Sugar Cookie – $3.99

This is a white chocolate coated sugar cookie, with a white chocolate shaped hat.

big top souvenirs dumbo

While this was definitely the cutest treat in the whole collection, as far as taste goes, it was pretty plain. It’s a standard sugar cookie, with a pretty thick layer of white chocolate icing. The cookie itself was soft and moist enough to not break or crumble easily. If you’re looking for something to get cute Instagram pictures with, this treat is for you. If your treat purchasing decisions are dictated more by actual taste than aesthetics, between these two, I’d choose the cupcake.

Here are the rest of the special Dumbo-inspired treats rounding out the collection:

big top souvenirs dumbo
Popcorn-inspired Candy Apple – $10.99
big top souvenirs dumbo
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Haystacks – $3.99
big top souvenirs dumbo
Peanut Butter | Vanilla Dumbo Cupcakes – $5.19

These are only here through this weekend, just for the movie premiere, so grab your magic feather and soar over to Storybook Circus in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom!

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