“Avengers: Endgame” Looking At A Possible $1 Billion Worldwide Box Office For Opening Weekend; Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic Scores Are Out!

“Avengers: Endgame” is about to take the world by storm. Early screenings for Endgame will start the evening of April 25th. With the movie debuting in over 4,600 locations across the country, Endgame is looking at an estimated record breaking $270 million to $300 million domestic opening weekend. In total, Endgame is looking at an $850 million to over $900 million, but also has the potential of it being the first movie to ever make over $1 billion at the world wide box office.

The review embargo for Endgame has been officially lifted, and as for now, Rotten Tomatoes has it at a 98% with an average critics rating of 8.4/10. This percentage and average is based on 56 reviews, which means this can go either way as more and more critics release their ratings for the movie.

Metacritic has their rating a bit lower with a score of 77, or an average critics rating of 7.9/10. This rating is also based on only 39 critics for now. Again, as for now, these are just some of the earliest reviews with a lot more expected to come in the coming days.

Below are a few review summaries from various critics courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.

We haven’t seen anything like this before in franchise movie-making. One can only hope that the next 10 years of Marvel storytelling comes close to this. Rating: 4/4
Mark Daniell Toronto Sun
If the Marvel superhero movies on the whole are your favorite band’s individual albums, “Avengers: Endgame” is the triple-disc greatest-hits package with the really awesome cover and a slew of familiar, comforting gems inside. Rating: 3.5/4
Brian Truitt USA Today
[O]ne of the most ambitious, entertaining, emotional, and stunning blockbusters we’ve ever seen, and the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon thus far. Rating: 5/5
Eric Eisenberg CinemaBlend
[T]he entire endeavour loses any sense of emotional stakes or general meaning beyond the deliverance of crass fan-service and incomprehensible visuals. Rating: 2/4
Barry Hertz Globe and Mail
As “Endgame” sputters to the finish line, it leaves the impression of witnessing a Marvel Movie Marathon compressed to three hours – and 58 seconds, but trust me, they’re disposable – of unbridled fan service. Rating: B-
Eric Kohn indieWire

Source: THR, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic