RUMOR: Possible Resort Name, Starship Name with Kylo Ren Connection Revealed for Upcoming Star Wars Hotel at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Disney has been fairly quiet about the upcoming Star Wars Hotel being built at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but we have now discovered some interesting story elements that may play a role when this incredibly immersive resort opens just steps away from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in a few years time.

While no official decision has been made as of yet, there is a possible name for the overall hotel that has been pitched: “Galactic Journeys: A Star Wars Adventure”. While this can certainly change, this vague title is what Disney is leaning towards at the moment. This would make it the first Walt Disney World Resort Hotel to not have any indication of it being such in the title.

As far as the starship or interstellar cruise liner guests are “boarding” when staying at the resort, well, it’s an interesting one with a connection to Kylo Ren from the newest Star Wars film trilogy. Sources indicate that your vessel will be the/or part of the “Chandrila Star Line”.

In Star Wars lore, the planet Chandrila is described as follows:

Chandrila was a planet in the Core Worlds of the galaxy. The female human Mon Mothma hailed from Chandrila, and represented her homeworld in the Senate of the Galactic Republic. It was also the homeworld and birthplace of Ben Solo. Chandrila was one of the planets targeted for destruction by Emperor Sheev Palpatine’s second Death Star, who planned to use the station’s planet-shattering superweapon to end the Rebellion through sheer terror. Following the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Chandrila became the capital of the New Republic and the seat of the newly formed Galactic Senate as a tribute to the Republic of old. It was not permanent, however, as the Republic chose to rotate its capital world based on elections.

Ben Solo was born on Chandrila, long before he turned to the Dark Side and became Kylo Ren. This might be an interesting wrinkle for the story experience aboard the vessel, but only time will tell…

Here’s are some early designs for the Chandrila Star Line logo:

Chandrila Star Line logo rendering – Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World. Please share only with credit to
Chandrila Star Line logo rendering – Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World. Please share only with credit to
Glasses one might find at the onboard cantina or table service restaurant at the Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World
Chandrila Star Line logo rendering – Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World. Please share only with credit to

No opening date has been set for the Star Wars Hotel as of yet, but we expect to hear more about it at the 2019 D23 Expo in Anaheim coming up in August. Oh, and right here on, of course.

May the Force be with you!

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