Crown Collection by Disney is New Landing Page for all Disney Premium Services

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If you’re in the tier of Disney consumers that think Disney simply isn’t charging enough, then there’s a new, one-stop shop for all your upscale vacation needs. Disney has launched a new landing page for all their top-tier add-ons and services, including Club 33, Golden Oak, and Disney Signature Services for Club Level resort guests. Their mission statement is as follows:

“Our desire is to carry forward the tradition started by Walt himself—offering un-paralleled access to enchantment of the highest caliber. We provide the highest level of personalized service so you enjoy totally luxe, tailored-to-you experiences.”

While none of the services offered on this new page are actually new, if you’re planning to go all out on your next Walt Disney World vacation or are looking to really plus up a celebration, it’s good to have all your options laid out for you.

To elevate your next Disney experience, you can check out the new Crown Collection landing page here.

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STILL huge crowds, STILL understaffed parks, STILL poor quality food, STILL safety not as important as profit. They need to charge more, charge for the kids of all ages, and increase the quality of their parks.