On-Ride Photo Catches Possible MagicBand Burglar Riding Space Ranger Spin at Magic Kingdom


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On-Ride Photo Catches Possible MagicBand Burglar Riding Space Ranger Spin at Magic Kingdom

UPDATE – The police of Winter Park have canceled the search as they’ve found that the man in the photo is not connected with the Magic Band theft. Full information here – UPDATE: Winter Park Police Department Wrongfully Accuses Space Ranger Spin Rider of Burglary

Zurg isn’t the only one Buzz Lightyear is bringing to intergalactic justice.

Police in Winter Park Florida reported that a Disney MagicBand, stolen during a home burglary, was recently worn by an unidentified man at the Magic Kingdom.


The man was caught wearing the MagicBand due to the on-ride photo at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland.

Crime Buzz Lightyear Photo

“These guys are definitely not Galactic Heroes,” tweeted the police department, “call 407-644-1313 with any info!”

19 thoughts on “On-Ride Photo Catches Possible MagicBand Burglar Riding Space Ranger Spin at Magic Kingdom”

  1. funny he got in, you have to have a magic band and a finger print, to make it past the entrance

    • Maybe he did the old fingerprint on tape thing and put it against his finger really well so it looked like he was using his finger.

      • PUhleez! That sounds too intricate. I have a hard time having the scanner recognize my OWN fingerprint on my own finger! HaHa :)

    • my guess is that he used his own to get in to the park and took the stolen one with him to see if there was a credit card tied to it.

      • Only issue with that is you have to be staying on property to link a card to the band I think. The PD said it was a home burglary?

    • Not a fingerprint, but a “biometric bone scan” that records the density of the bone in the finger you use for ID. That makes it less weird, yeah? Turns out the police had the wrong guy in the pic, in any case.

    • I know that it turned out to not be this particular guy, but perhaps it was one they received as part of a ticket package or annual pass or something that was linked to an account but hadn’t been activated at the park with the initial finger print yet?

      Also, I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but I know that Disney does not store fingerprints in their system, they convert them to some sort of numerical value, perhaps this produces a wider cross-section than we would have expected that would scan in the same number or range to be let through.

  2. Obviously I don’t know all the details, but how do they know it was that specific magicband? A plain yellow one is pretty common.

  3. This is either the idiot who stole it or the idiot who bought if from the thief to get a “great deal”. Oy.

  4. I believe if there is a credit card linked to the Magicband you still need a pin # to complete the transaction.

  5. Our magic bands were lost/stolen and we kept getting pictures from random people in that same ride, buzz light-year. That didn’t mean those people had them. Unfortunately, the system isn’t that precise. We got tons of picture of many different people. I guarantee you all of them didn’t keep stealing the band from each other.

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