UPDATE: Winter Park Police Department Wrongfully Accuses Space Ranger Spin Rider of Burglary

In light of recent events, the Winter Park Police Department has retracted an earlier Tweet (and its video attachment) where they falsely accused a rider on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin of having been an active participant in a home burglary after supposedly tracking him down through the use of a MagicBand that was purportedly stolen.

We’d linked the original tweet in our earlier post about the announcement, but when you click through on it now, it appears to have been deleted. Here’s the tweet the Department has followed up with:

On behalf of the Winter Park Police Department, we’d like to extend an apology to this Galactic Hero and hope that the Department seeks a better way to make it up to the guest besides just a “my bad” tweet.

Stay tuned for any further updates.

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2 years ago

oooops! Imagine being accused of being a thief at the most magical place on Earth! Gone are the days where people wait for the facts first. We’ve become a society of “gotta have the info now.” Scary.

2 years ago
Reply to  tvnutt

You are always arrested before having the facts presented in court.