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PHOTOS: New Geeki Tiki Mugs Revealed for Star Wars Celebration 2019

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With Star Wars Celebration kicking off later this week in Chicago, Illinois, it’s exciting to see what new merchandise will be available for you to commemorate your celebration experience! Geeki Tiki has released their latest line of exclusive Star Wars tiki mugs that we can’t wait to add to our ever-growing collection of tiki mugs! If you remember, the Star Wars Geeki Tikis were a huge hit a couple years ago, so we’re very excited to see these brand new ones below!

Star Wars Celebration 2019 Geeki Tiki Mugs

Death Star Tiki Mug – $40.00

That’s no moon! Check out this Death Star tiki mug that will be perfect if you’re feeling like joining the Dark Side. This mug costs $40.00 and will be available at Booths #1942 and #2623.

Millennium Falcon Set – $100.00

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. You can go ahead and pre-order the Millennium Falcon Set and receive a free set of 4 Star Wars Swizzle Sticks! The set includes the Millennium Falcon bowl, plus Chewbacca and Han Solo mini muglets. You’ll need someone who can fly that piece of junk after all. The price for the set is $100 and can be found at Booth #3319.

Han Solo vs. Greedo – $50.00

Han Solo Vs Greedo Two Pack - $50.00

It doesn’t matter who you think shot first, (we all know it’s Han), you can settle your debates while drinking out of these Han and Greedo tiki mugs! The two pack of mugs costs $50.00 and will be available at Booths #1942 and #2623.

Rancor Set (Star Wars Celebration Exclusive) – $60.00

Rancor and Jedi Luke Skywalker Tiki Set - $60.00

It’s safe to say, none of us would want to upset Jabba the Hutt and have to face off against the Rancor. Though if you’re brave enough to, check out the larger than life Rancor tiki mug with and Jedi Luke Skywalker that can fit right in his hand! This is a Star Wars Celebration Exclusive and will be available at the Official Show Store for $60.00.

Are your wallets strong with the Force to purchase all these mugs? Or will you give into temptation and buy them anyway? Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on picking up any while at the Celebration!

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  1. Mass produced Chinese junk mugs sold at a premium rivaling handmade Tiki mug prices because apparently Star Wars and nostalgia. Hard pass. F right off with this crap. It’s not Tiki, stop calling it Tiki!

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