BREAKING: Blockbuster New Attraction Coming to Disneyland Paris in 2024

Paper Straws Now Being Distributed at Dining Locations in Disneyland Paris

Ever since Disney announced their intentions to completely eliminate the use of single-use plastic straws and stirrers globally by mid-2019, they’ve been making strides across all Disney Parks to transition dining locations to paper straws. They’re already at Disneyland and at Walt Disney World Joffrey’s locations (not to mention they’ve been at Disney’s Animal Kingdom forever) and now they’ve made it across the pond to Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris news source ED92 took to Twitter with photos of the newly rolled out paper straws. It’s interesting to note that they still have plastic lids there.

The resort transitioned to paper straws just this past Thursday on April 18th.

Disney’s new policy will reduce plastic straw use globally by 175 million and plastic stirrer use by 13 million.

They also plan on eliminating or reducing other single-use plastic products in the coming years. These products include plastic shopping bags and transitioning to refillable in-room products.

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  1. there all over the place in WDW, and they SUUUUCK!!!!!! we have gone to bringing our own straws, the “New” Straws fall apart after just a short time, and you start to get paper in your mouth, this is Disney fallowing a poor idea put out by environmentalist, we will move to paper straws, to save the environment, now make more bloons, more plastic bags, more plastic spoons, forks, and knifes. more more more…..Just like hipsterBucks, no more plastic Straws, but more more more Plastic Cups and Lids…..

    1. Yeah, the paper straws are just awful. I get what their intention is, but the paper ones just aren’t good enough. I was at EPCOT for food and wine last year, and they REFUSED to give ANY straws. Again, I understand the intent, but I have two small children that have not mastered the art of not spilling all over their clothes as they drink, so straws are vital. Since then, I always bring a few reusable straws (stainless steel, in a clean holder), every time we go into the parks. I already had them at home, so it’s not a big deal to bring them along. Except that EVERY time I have to explain to security that their straw policy forces me to bring in my own, and they glare at me/ stare at me like I’m insane.

      I bet they could make a ton of money, selling the reusable straws when you buy the drink. Tack on another $3-5 on top of the drink. But that might be crossing the line…..

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