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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 4/15/19 (Spring Weather, Spring Crowds, and Construction Updates)

Ahh, spring time. There’s nothing quite like it. Let’s take walk around the Magic Kingdom and take it all in, shall we?

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There are few places more beautiful in Florida than Magic Kingdom in the spring…

Tomorrowland Speedway

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Over at the Tomorrowland Speedway, they’re finishing a chunk of the new track. They installed the supports for the track the other day, and now the actual metal track will go in over this last layer of concrete.

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The landscaping work continues, this time along the pathway.

Other Projects

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This is outside the park, along the train berm. What are they doing? I still don’t know, but now they’re laying what looks like concrete forms. Exciting!

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They also have the new railroad track set to the side, ready to be installed when the time comes. The entire railroad is being re-tracked and should reopen sometime next year.

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Mickey is still missing from the top of PhilharMagic. Maybe he went off to Disney’s California Adventure to cut the ribbon on their version of the show? Nah, I’m sure he’s just being fixed up a little bit.

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The banners are back, though. Well, most of them. One is still missing in action on the right, there. Looks good so far.


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Is it just me or does this sign look terribly faded? Ironic that the Sunshine Tree Terrace’s sign can’t handle the Florida sunshine.

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Easter Pin ($16.99)

Speaking of spring time: Easter is coming! This new “Happy Easter 2019” pin came out today. I like the Figment egg.

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With spring break in full force, the weather warming up, and Casey Jr. back from refurbishment, there’s no better time to run this splash area at full force! The entire platform was soaked.

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The downside of the lovely spring weather, however, is the crowds. This was one of the largest groups I’ve seen for the Enchanted Tiki Room in some time. It was a full show!

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The FastPass line for the Jungle Cruise extended all the way up the ramp near stroller parking. Yeah, no thanks.

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There’s a (relatively) new Mouseketeer cupcake available at The Main Street Bakery as well. You can read our whole review right here.

I plan on enjoying this weather while it lasts! Summer will be here before we know it. What’s you’re favorite place in Walt Disney World during the spring? Let us know!

  1. Does anyone besides me think that the additional construction going on along the train track is going to be a prehistoric diorama similar, but not identical to the one in Disneyland? Disney has a number of leftover dinosaur animatronics from The Universe of Energy at Epcot. It would be a shame to let them go to waste. this would be an ideal place to use them and it would make the train trip around the park much more interesting.

    1. i read that idea somewhere else and i’m in full agreement that it would be a great idea! now, if they’d actually do it is another story but i personally love it.

  2. The construction outside Space Mountain is supposed to be the Tron roller coaster.


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