PHOTOS: Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update 4/23/19 (Gran Destino Tower, Villa del Lago, and More!)

Changes are afoot at Coronado Springs Resort. Let’s see what’s changed since our last update.

Gran Destino Tower

As we get ever close to the opening of Gran Destino Tower, the new addition to the Coronado Springs Resort, the finer details are being added to the building.

If we take a look at the front of the tower, we can see that the ornamentation down the center is almost finished. It will match the back of the building when it’s done.

Lots of scaffolding is up around the front awning. They’re finally starting to add details to this, which is good because it seems like it’s been barren steel for some time now.

The siding on the first couple floors is coming along nicely, as well. I like color and pattern difference between it and the upper floors.

The backside of the building seems further along than the front. The ornamentation is now all but finished, with only the lower floors and back landscaping left to be finished.

The framing for the covered walkway to the main building is taking shape. The archways and dome are all fleshed out.

Up top here will be Toledo, a restaurant with what I can imagine is quite a view.

Here’s an artist’s concept of the interior. You can see the top of those bronze arches in the windows. Classy.

The arches motif extends to the first floor as well. These windows look out onto the lake.

Villa del Lago

The new hotel tower isn’t the only addition in progress at this resort. Villa del Lago, a new restaurant situated right on the lake is scheduled to open sometime this summer.

The restaurant will be accessible via three interconnecting bridges that meet in the center of the lake.

Those bridges aren’t open yet, but we’ve been told they should open sometime before Villa del Lago itself. I’m sure that will be helpful for guests trying to traverse this huge resort.

They were hard at work finishing the bridges. I’d say it’s pretty close to done.

Are you excited for these new additions? They’re already taking reservations for the new hotel rooms, so if you’re planning a trip this summer or later, this might be the place to stay!


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