PHOTOS: Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Report – April Merch!

It’s April, which means it’s time for another Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Report! (Don’t ask about the March report.) With so much new merch getting constantly rolled out at the parks, they’ve gotta make room for it all the one way they know: sending it to the outlets. In a macabre sense, you could say the outlets are the final resting place for many of our favorite plushes, apparel, and Minnie ears. The good thing is, it’s like heaven for us  merch addicts, or simply those of us holding out for a better deal on lots of these items. While items may seem heavily discounted, I often feel that’s what they should cost on the get-go… but I digress. Let’s dive into some deals.

With Briar Rose Gold in and Rose Gold out, you can now find a ton of Rose Gold Minnie Ears for just $12.99.

Thanks a lot, Wishables. Tsums have been cleared from most park store shelves and now reside in $0.99 piles at the outlets.

They always have some kind of display set up right as you go in. This month’s display has a bunch of kitchen gadgets, like spatulas, whisks, sandwich crust cutters, Lightning McQueen lunch bags.

Whisk Set ($5.99), Crust Cutter ($5.99), Spatula Set ($8.99), Lunch bag ($4.99)

For someone with a 15-pound fur baby, these human baby layette sets are extremely cute. They have them in Haunted Mansion ($19.99), Pirates of the Caribbean ($19.99), and Winnie the Pooh ($12.99) varieties.

This Zootopia figure set was just $12.99, down from $24.99.

I’m a sucker for sectioned plates and this melamine Walt Disney World set is no exception. The plate is $3.99 and the bowl is $1.99.

These acrylic Princess mugs would make a nice gift at $4.99.

As you’ll see, lots of tech accessories make it to the outlets. This adorable R2-D2 smartphone case ($7.99)  lights up with movement. The larger tablet case is ($9.99).

This Chewbacca-inspired tablet case ($9.99) was also really neat.

Lots of assorted novelty socks for $3.99. It’s a shame that a lot of these are printed, so when you actually slip them on, all the designs break or look wonky.

Tucked away in some of the store shelves were these adorable Wall-E Buy n Large Tsum Tsum sets. The lunchbox plays “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” from Hello Dolly!, which is my favorite and Wall-E’s. Some of the satin on the front of the lunchboxes had velcro damage, but these contain four Tsums: Wall-E, Eve, the cockroach, and M-O.

These youth “it’s a small world” tees were just $9.99 and very cute.

There’s a little Avatar nook at this store and it’s always worth checking out. This hardcover embossed journal was really beautiful for just $8.99.

Straight from Windtraders, this Prolemuris plush toy was just $7.99.

This Pandora Travel Poster puzzle ($7.99) was really nice.

I’ll have you know that Tom purchased four of these Helicoradian Light-Up Figurines. They’re just $34.99, down from $65.00. Ma Eywa!

You can use this photo frame ($9.99) to commemorate those 240 minute Easter wait times for Flight of Passage.

Surprise! Banshees are available at the outlets. At this location, they had them in a variety of colors for just $29.99. They don’t come with perches, but they still deserve a good home.

As always, there are tons of costumes. This time around, though, they’re bogo. Buy one at $24.99, get one half off.

Various Princess accessories ($7.99) line the shelves off to the side.

Can we please get this on the Weekly Maintenance Report? Where’s #WDWNTFix when you need ’em?

See? Loads more tech accessories. The Minnie Tablet Cases are $9.99 and the old, but still cute Passport Collection tablet case is $14.99.

Hitchhiking Ghosts may follow you home after a trip to the outlets. And for $24.99 (down from $69.99), sure, why not?

You already KNOW I got a few of these Madame Leota coin purses. At $7.99 (down from $19.99), these make great presents. Dare I say, even Mother’s Day presents.

An assortment of men’s tees line the back wall of the outlet. There’s a huge range of styles and sizes to choose from, and most tees go for $9.99 to $19.99.

These funny graphic tees caught my attention. All $12.99 each, down from ($34.99).

With the You Are Here collection out, these smaller ornament mugs/espresso cups are just $3.99 at the outlets. Another great gift or addition to a coffee nook.

Store all your park needs (and maybe even a first-aid kit) with this Expedition Everest backpack for $14.99.

We loved this line of Disney Cruise line thermoses. The blue ones were just $14.99, but the nice gold ones are full price at $24.99.

While the quote is a bit overused, this plate was still really nicely designed and just $4.99, down from $12.99.

Another full-priced beauty. You can tell because there’s no white and red tag, instead just the original tag highlighted in yellow.

These amazing Disney Afternoon mugs were just $4.99.

Very large 20th Anniversary Animal Kingdom travel mugs were just $7.99.

A brief intermission as we say hi to Stitch, looming treacherously above shoppers while also judging them for carrying a basket full of Tsum Tsums.

These amazing RC BB-8 units are available for just $79.99, down from a whopping $229.99.

These are the same units they use on Disney Cruise Line’s Star Wars Day at Sea for the BB-8 races.

A surprisingly heavy die-cast R5-D4 unit is available for $12.99, down from $29.99.

2019 Flower and Garden merch is already at the outlets, unsurprisingly. However, they are still holding out and trying to sell these Tervis tumblers at full price for $26.99.

Yes, I still have an iPhone 7. Yes, I stock up on these $7.99 OtterBox cases every time I come. This month’s designs are a Last Jedi Rey case and the sparkly clear Cinderella Case from the Passport Collection. Both regular and Plus case sizes are available.

The wooden 20th Anniversary Animal Kingdom hats are available for just $34.99.

Someone please buy these Duffy Tsums. They’ve been around ever since we started doing Outlet Reports.

Some Dooneys were available when we went. These go quick and stock changes frequently, so know that you’ll be able to find some Dooneys, but not exactly these.

Spaceship Earth and Bridal Minnie Ears were also on display. The same goes for these as the Dooneys. Stock varies between outlet locations, but you can usually find some neat park purchase returns here.

This Mickey Mouse as Indiana Jones (holding a Vinylmation)coin bank is cuter than it has any right to be. Especially at $9.99.

Giant Epcot 35 mugs remain for just $2.99.

They always keep a selection of postcards. This Passport Collection one with pop-up park icons was really cute, and just $0.99.

The scratched-up cases by the registers no longer hold “specialty” items and have since been blocked out with fabric.

These cute Pascal hats are just $7.99.

A variety of Lithographs are always available for $19.99. It’s always worth sifting around and seeing what you can find.

Back to Tsums, this basket of Mickey Tsum Tsum plush was empty by the time I made a full round through the outlet. A word to the wise––things go fast here. If you see anything you remotely like, shove it in your basket or take it up to the registers for a hold.


If you’re looking for some pins to add to your collection, or a few good ones to trade away, these sets are available for just $7.99.

That’s about it for this month’s outlet report! Now head on out there and get some discounted merch.

Note: I always like to leave a disclaimer that this is actually the outlet location at Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL. It’s a “must-do Disney” location if you’re ever catching a flight in or out of FLL, or just happen to be in South Florida. If you’re in Orlando, there are two locations there: one at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and one at the Orlando International Premium Outlets.

All three locations tend to carry more or less the same stuff, with certain variations on item quantities, and park merchandise return items for sale. That’s right, if you impulse-bought something at the parks or happen to need to return any item, you can do so at these outlet locations. You can also purchase park tickets at these locations.

Happy Shopping!

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1 year ago

We are going in December. I cant wait to go there

1 year ago

Thank you for the great re-cap! Do you mind sharing what date you visited and which location? Trying to gauge whether BB-8 and the costumes might still be there in two weeks. Thanks!

1 year ago

I am dying on the inside because holy moly that’s so much good stuff!! I just want to go so bad but here I am in Michigan and not in Orlando 😭😭!

David Spencer
David Spencer
1 year ago

I only know of the location in Orlando in the outlet mall. Are there other locations?

1 year ago
Reply to  David Spencer

There are three locations as she mentioned above.

1 year ago

We are doing a Disney Cruise that will disembark in Miami. After the cruise we are driving north to Walt Disney World for a few days. So this Sunrise location is an option, along with the Vineland location in Orlando. If you were to only pick one location to stop at, which one is better, easier to get in/out of, or otherwise the better location to visit?

alice chang
alice chang
1 year ago

Do you have an online site? Or can we call in and see if there is a particular product?