PHOTOS: Mizner’s Lounge and Commander Porter’s Officially Closed Ahead of Lounge Expansion at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Late last month, we brought you the news that Mizner’s Lounge and Commander Porter’s would both be closing for a lengthy refurbishment starting this month. Then, rumors of the space being transformed into a Beauty and the Beast themed lounge surfaced. Now, the locations have both closed their doors and work is already underway for the expansion. There is a temporary bar in place directly below on the first level that will serve as Mizner’s Lounge during the expansion and transformation.

So Long, Commander Porter

Commander Porter’s doors have officially closed and, unlike Disney, they haven’t put up any sort of wall or cover hiding the inside progress to the store. The doors remain completely visible and you can see straight into the now-gutted store.

All merchandise and display areas have been removed. The only thing that remains in the space is the register area.

The door off to the right of the main entrance is also uncovered.

Mizner’s Lounge Is No More

The bar has officially ceased operation and the area is roped off to guests. There are also no walls covering any part of the Mizner’s space, so progress in completely visible for now.

The main entrance signs have been torn out and covered with white covers.

Inside, the bar is gutted and all that remains are some random bits and bobs. The chairs, barstools, and tables all still remain. We did notice some of the artwork removed, and the plaques describing them torn off also.

Nothing screams elegance quite like a flattened-out box of Corona.

Grand Floridian Orchestra

Fret not, the Grand Floridian Orchestra isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For now, they’re still stationed upstairs, but as construction progresses, they are supposed to move their stage setup downstairs to the main level of the lobby. They’ll still be serenading guests nightly throughout the expansion.

Mizner’s Lounge at the Garden View Tea Room

The expansion is expected to take approximately 6 months and during that time, this temporary bar (which is also being called Mizner’s Lounge) is accessible for all your bar needs.

Stay tuned to as we keep an eye on the progress of this expansion and continue to bring you updates leading up to the re-opening!

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