PHOTOS, REVIEW: Mickey’s PhilharMagic Opens at Disney California Adventure Park

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Today, we saw the first show of Mickey’s PhilharMagic 3D Show at the Sunset Theater inside Disney California Adventure Park. This show brings some much-needed entertainment to DCA and I’m happy to say the show is as good as its Florida counterpart. Guests should enjoy the added attraction, and the air-conditioned theater will be welcomed in the SoCal heat come summer.

Guests can queue up in this area if the theater gets busy.

We are greeted with huge banners before entering the theater.


We enter the theater and get our 3D “opera glasses”.

The hallway entrance also includes opera themed posters.

Finally, we reach the waiting area where screens let guests know how long until the next show.

Finally, it’s show time and guests are allowed into the theater. You are asked to move all the way over, but the theater wasn’t crowded and most stayed in the middle for prime viewing.

The actual film is the same, but the 3D quality seems much better here at California Adventure due to projectors being much newer than at the Magic Kingdom. They also utilize the side panels on the theater for a more immersive experience. Sadly, there’s no squirting water, but they do pipe in the sweet smell from the “Be Our Guest” scene.

Upon exiting, you are dropped right back near the entrance.

The show didn’t seem to have a lot of popularity opening day, but here’s to hoping guests will catch on and this will stay for a long time. While a nice addition, a trimmed down Philharmagic doesn’t really qualify as a full blown attraction, and while we appreciate that the audio-animatronic Donald is in it, he doesn’t move, so that definitely detracts from the experience.

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I like Mickey’s PhilharMagic. But I really miss Muppet Vision 3-D, which used to be in this auditorium.

Troy Sorensen
Troy Sorensen

I got wet watching this today at DCA. We watched it around 12:00. Yeah not many people know about it as it is not advertised nor do many people check around the corner as it is hidden from the older people going to guardians of the galaxy


I really miss the Muppets.