PHOTOS: New Flower & Garden Festival 2019 Souvenir Medallions Available at Epcot


PHOTOS: New Flower & Garden Festival 2019 Souvenir Medallions Available at Epcot

One of the newest collectibles at Walt Disney World within the last year has been metal medallions you can purchase from vending machines. We first spotted some at Disney Springs back in September. The newest addition to the line is this machine, located in The Odyssey (a.k.a. the Festival Center) at Epcot.

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The machine is currently all decked out for the International Flower and Garden Festival. I’m curious to see if the machine changes designs as the festivals change.

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It’s located just inside off the main hallway.

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There are four designs in the machine. Two Figment designs, one with Minnie Mouse and one with flowers. They all have the Flower and Garden festival logo as well as the year emblazoned on them, and come in a variety of metallic finishes. They can be purchased individually at $5 each, or they have a deal where you can buy three for $10. The machines take cash as well as credit cards/RFID payments (no MagicBands, though.)

FandGMedallions4 26 5

Unlike pressed pennies, these medallions are already made and dispense immediately once you make your selection.

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FandGMedallions4 26 7

I picked out three designs to take home with me. I really like this one with Figment. My Minnie Mouse one seems to be scratched a little bit, which is annoying. The other ones looked fine.

FandGMedallions4 26 1

The obverse of the coins are all the same: this lovely art depicting Spaceship Earth, the Monorail, and the World Showcase skyline.

I find it obnoxious that you can’t get all four for one simple price, but this time it worked out for me because there were only three designs I liked. If you’re a sucker for shiny things like I am, you might like to add these to your collection.