REVIEW: Sprinkles Lemon and Strawberry Peeps Cupcakes Arrive for Easter at Disney Springs

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes
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Just in time for Easter, Sprinkles at Disney Springs has two new seasonal flavors available. The two newest cupcakes are topped by marshmallow Peeps! I’m a huge fan of Peeps, so I was excited to try these Easter candy cupcakes.

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes

The lemon flavored cupcake is topped by a yellow Peep, and the strawberry flavored cupcake is topped by a pink Peep. The Peeps even have nests made from coconut.

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes

Pink Peeps Strawberry Cupcake – $5.95

Under the Peep’s coconut nest, there is a light pink frosting. The strawberry flavor is very sugary and sweet, and reminded me of cotton candy. I’m not a huge fan of coconut shavings, but the sweetness of the frosting masks the coconut flavor.

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes

The base of the strawberry cupcake has the consistency of a muffin.

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes

It’s a heavier cake, but there is no strawberry taste. It’s supposed to be a strawberry cake, but it misses the mark. It’s a very bland and dry cake under the sweet frosting.

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes

Yellow Peeps Lemon Cupcake – $5.95

I’m pretty sure a bird stole some of the coconut pieces from my cupcake when I wasn’t looking, but let’s just pretend that never happened. Anyways, the yellow Peeps topped cupcakes are lemon flavored. The frosting looks white underneath, but it’s definitely not vanilla. It’s a very nice lemon flavored frosting. The coconut overpowered the lemon too much for me, but the frosting is tasty without the coconut.

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes

In addition to the frosting being delicious, the cake is so fluffy. The cake was nice and fresh, and I prefer the consistency of the lemon cake over the strawberry.

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes

Both the cake and frosting had very bright lemon flavoring. It’s not too tart or sweet. Without the coconut, this would be a very good lemon cupcake.

Sprinkles Peeps cupcakes

These cupcakes are good, but they’re not anything I’d order twice. While they are adorable with the Easter Peeps on top, you may want to seek out another Easter snack for your money. If you must try these, hurry, because they’re only here until Easter!

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