Members of The New Mickey Mouse Club Reuniting For A Special Pre-Parade This Friday at The Magic Kingdom

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With MegaCon taking place in Orlando this weekend, there are lots of special, extracurricular events taking place throughout the parks and beyond.

Among them is this really neat New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) reunion taking place. If you’re like me and need a refresher on who exactly comprised The New Mickey Mouse Club, here’s an epic episode clip from the ’90s:

Yes, that Mickey Mouse Club. Members of the MMC reunion will be participating in a very special pre-parade at the Magic Kingdom this Friday at 2:15 PM, with Joey Fatone as lead host and a number of other notable members and hosts also in attendance:

  • Fred Newman
  • Kevin Osgood
  • Damon Pampolina
  • Marc Worden
  • Nita (Booth) Young
  • Lindsey Alley
  • Rhona Bennett
  • Mylin Brooks-Stoddard
  • Brandy Brown-Pendleton
  • Jason “Blain” Carson
  • Tasha Danner
  • TJ Fantini
  • Dale Godboldo
  • Deedee Magno Hall
  • Chasen Hampton
  • Raquel “Roque” Herring
  • David Kater
  • Tony Lucca
  • Jennifer McGill-Bohannon
  • Jason Minor

If you’re looking for more Mickey Mouse Club 30th anniversary fun, don’t miss out on the full slate of events they have planned, including a historic panel and meet and greet at MegaCon, and a Mouseketeers & Memories fan event taking place at Epcot’s World Showplace this Saturday:

While other, more famous Mouseketeers (ahem, Britney) won’t be attending the pre-parade or #MMC30 events, it’s still worth staking out a spot for the pre-parade to take in all the ’80s and ’90s nostalgia. Proceeds of the separate ticketed events go to Give Kids The World and One Pulse Foundation.

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I grew up with the MMC that came before this one, in the 1970s… had Lisa Welchel, Todd something, Mindy Feldman (Corey’s sister), Allison (someone who was only in the first season of “The Facts of Life” afterward, whereas Lisa W was in the whole series), Scott, Nita….they were fun. Back when they were still on broadcast network TV, and with pastel/earth toned outfits and Mickey Ear hats. I wish they’d do more with THAT MMC (though the most well known is Annette’s from the 1950s, I know).


I also grew up on the MMC from the late 1970s. I didn’t realize Corey Feldman’s sister was on it! I guess Justin, Brittney and Christina are a bit too busy to make an appearance at the parade.


I even had that club’s vinyl record album! I found some videos of the 70s mmc on YouTube before. They had good songs. Mindy Feldman was the short girl with long hair. I didn’t have cable in the days of the 90s mmc, so I learned of their having Britney, JC, Justin, Christina, and Keri much later.