PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 5/24/19 ($1 Souvenir Penny Machines, Galaxy’s Edge Cranes, Construction Walls, ETC.)

Seeing all the brightly colored gondolas zipping through the air when I arrive at Hollywood Studios is actually something I look forward to now. It’s hard to believe all the changes happening inside and outside of the park. Not only do we have a new security check point and tram loop, but the Disney Skyliner seems to making a lot of progress. On my most recent visit to the park, I had to start by taking a look at the Skyliner Station.

A look over the walls at the unfinished Hollywood Studios Skyliner Station

Hollywood Studios Skyliner Station, unfinished

We can see railings and pathways coming together around the station.

Unfinished ramps to the Hollywood Studios Skyliner Station as seen over the walls

There’s also some signage on the side of the building, but it’s still wrapped in padded blankets and tape.

Unfinished Skyliner Station with the ground still dirt in some sections

Hollywood Studios Skyliner Station Sign wrapped in padded blankets and tape

Once we made our way into the park, we headed down Sunset Boulevard to discover the Tower of Terror at a terrifying 115 minute wait. It was pretty early, but Tower of Terror has not been operating at full capacity. Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster was also temporarily down, which added to the high wait time.

Tower of Terror wait time sign and building in the background

Anything with a 115 minute wait gets a hard pass from me, so back down Sunset I go. I can see the towering crane from Galaxy’s Edge construction.

View of the Galaxy's Edge crane from Sunset Boulevard

Near the Oasis Canteen and Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, I noticed a construction wall that stretched down a majority of the path towards Backlot Express.

Construction Walls at Hollywood Studios near Backlot Express

Walls near Backlot Express

The Guest Experience Team has been relocated just down the path outside of Backlot Express.

The Guest Experience Team set up in front of Backlot Express

A close encounter with a wild crane.

A tall crane towering over Galaxy's Edge

There is still a lot of scaffolding on the side of Muppet*Vision 3D.

scaffolding on the back of the building

I see something peeking through the trees.

A view of Galaxy's edge of the trees

It looks like it’s going to be painted to blend into the background.

Scaffolding on the back of the building

Toy Story Land has a new pressed penny machine with a crank and card reader, similar to the one we recently spotted at the Magic Kingdom.

Toy Story Land Pressed Penny and ID Tag machines

$1 for a penny? Sounds like a fair deal.

New machines with cranks and credit card readers

Well, it was a pretty quiet day at Hollywood Studios, but we’ll take it considering what the future holds for us. I’m not sure if I’m ready for it!