PHOTOS: New Aladdin Merchandise Magically Appears at World of Disney in Disney Springs

Annie Wilson

PHOTOS: New Aladdin Merchandise Magically Appears at World of Disney in Disney Springs

Annie Wilson

PHOTOS: New Aladdin Merchandise Magically Appears at World of Disney in Disney Springs

World of Disney at Disney Springs is feeling a little bit like the Cave of Wonders right now. A whole new world of merchandise has arrived, celebrating characters from both the classic animation and the new live action film styles. Let’s take a closer look at what treasures await us!

New Aladdin merchandise

Adult Jasmine Puffy Zip Up Jacket – $69.99

I’m in love with this new jacket. The front of the jacket features two beautifully detailed images of Rajah. The pockets zip, and the sleeves are very puffy.

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But, puffy sleeves make this fun and stylish to wear.

Jasmine Jacket Adult

The colors pop against the teal jacket.

Jasmine Jacket Adult

The back of the jacket is plain, but inside you’ll find some colorful artwork of Jasmine. Unfortunately, the jacket is not reversible, so you’ll have to appreciate the artwork when you’re not wearing it.

Jasmine Jacket Adult

Jasmine Jacket Adult

I couldn’t help myself.

Jasmine Jacket Adult

Youth Jasmine Jacket – $34.99

There’s even a youth sized matching jacket! It has a little more detailing to it, but it’s pretty much the same as the adult version.

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Jasmine youth jacket

Jasmine jacket youth

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Jasmine youth jacket

Limited Edition Genie Lamp – $149.99

This Genie lamp is limited edition, and only 4000 pieces were made. Be sure to get one of these before the Genie is freed and gone forever.

Aladdin magic lamp limited edition

Aladdin limited edition lamp

Limited edition Aladdin lamp

Limited Edition Jasmine Dress – $169.99

This Jasmine dress is breathtaking. It’s limited edition of 4500 pieces only. Look at the intricate details.

Limited edition jasmine dress

This is definitely fit for a princess!

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Limited edition jasmine dress

Jasmine Deluxe Costume – $99.99

The Jasmine deluxe costume is a beautiful pink, red, and gold combination. Stunning!

Jasmine Deluxe Dress Jasmine Deluxe Dress

Deluxe jasmine dress

Jasmine Deluxe Dress

Agrabah Tea Set – $24.99

Agrabah tea set

Agrabah tea set

Genie Pin – $9.99

Genie pin

That’s Mr. Cool to You Tee – $19.99

We found another new Will Smith Genie item! In addition to the pin, there’s now a youth shirt as well.

Genie shirt

Genie shirt

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Jasmine Accessory Set – $34.99

Clip on earrings, bracelet, and crown as the perfect accessories for a princess.

Jasmine accessories set

Jasmine accessories

Magic Carpet Key Chain – $12.99

Magic carpet Keychain

Magic carpet keychain

Magic carpet key chain

Oh My Disney Magic Carpet Towel – $26.99

Magic carpet towel

Magic carpet towel

Alex and Ani Bracelets

Double Sided – $49.95

Aladdin silver Alex and Ani Jasmine rajah

Aladdin silver Alex Ani Jasmine rajah

Jasmine – $44.95

Aladdin Alex and ani rose gold

Genie and Lamp -$79.95

Gold genie official wish granter Alex and Ani

Abu Plush – $19.99

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Abu Plush

Genie Plush – $26.99

Genie plush

Genie plush

Jasmine Plush – $26.99

Jasmine plush

Jasmine plush

Rajah Long Tail Plush – $29.99

Rajah long tail plush

Rajah long tail plush

Rajah plush

Jasmine Youth Tee – $24.99

Jasmine Youth Tee

Here Comes Trouble Abu Youth Tee – $19.99

Abu Trouble Tee shirt

Let Me Work My Magic Youth Tee – $19.99

Let me work my magic youth

Jasmine It’s My World Youth Tee – $19.99

Jasmine shirt

What do you think of all the new merchandise? Will you be adding any of these new items to your wish list?

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