Disneyland Resort Rules Update on Smoking and Strollers May 1 2019
The new park policies are in place in Disneyland

PHOTOS: New Stroller Rules and Size Check Locations Arrive at Disneyland Resort

May 1 is here, along with a new set of rules for Disney Parks. Starting today, strollers cannot be larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long. This also means that stroller wagons, like the popular Keenz stroller wagon, will not be permitted at Disney Parks. To assist guests with checking the size of their strollers, the Disneyland Resort has installed check locations at Mickey and Friends Parking Structure and in Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney District Photo Report May 1 2019

Cast Members inform guests to check their stroller dimensions by rolling it into the box. The entire stroller, including the wheels, must fit into the box or else it will not be permitted into Disney Parks.

But these aren’t the only new rules to go into effect today. Starting today, smoking areas will no longer be permitted in Disney Parks, including Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, the Esplanade, and Downtown Disney District. Cast Members can assist with showing guests where they can safely smoke outside of Disneyland Resort property.

Downtown Disney District Photo Report May 1 2019

In order to make sure that all guests of the Disneyland Resort are aware of these new rule changes, Cast Members have been handing out information fliers at Mickey and Friends Parking Structure. These fliers, along with the new stroller check locations, are aimed at helping to enforce these rules as smoothly as possible.

What do you think about these new rules at Disney Parks?

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  1. When you say box, does that mean the white box? Or is the blue trim in part of the box

  2. i think that disney has caved to the political correctness! we all know smoking is bad and as a smoker i dont advise anyone to start!,but let us be rational for us smokers(belive it or not were not evil people were like everyone else) to have to be forced out of the park just to satisfy our cravings is just wrong! most anti smoking advocates fell like this is our punishment for our bad habit! i think disneys smoking areas in the parks were fine with a few exeptions. the could have correct them by moving some of the areas to the most remote corners of the park(and dont tell me there arent any) lets hope disney will reconsider us!

    1. so says you! i bet if you couldnt drink in disney world you would feel like me! ya know its true!

    1. i have kids too, at disney my kids would be with my wife away from the smoking section,because they had enough common sense to do so. just like keeping your kids out of a bar room you would keep the kids away from the smoking areas. if disney had not done this now you know that you and many other anti smoking holler than thou people woudnt even be bringing this subject up, im right i have been in many disney sites for years and dont remember anyone belly achin about this!

      1. It was AT Disneyland where I went, unsuspecting, around a corner and directly into a cloud of cigarette smoke that sent both me AND my daughter, then four, into asthma attacks. Avoiding smoke is not possible, due to the very nature of smoke. We have very mild asthma, and have had perhaps two attacks in our lifetimes, but that time at Disney kept us both out of the park for over twenty years. Glad to know we can safely return!

  3. I think you also need a doctors note to rent a scooter and pass a scooter driving test during peak times. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been rolled over.

    1. hi carol thank god your able bodied you arnt funny at all,in fact your remarks are vulger! my wife is semi disabled if not for a scooter which she uses at the hotel and park she could not enjoy disney like you do! i hope one day you are in her & many disabled persons shoes then the joke will be on you!

      1. Dave, it didnt look like Carol was “trying to be funny”. I’m sorry for your wife’s disability. If the disability is of a nature that requires a scooter for her to be mobile enough to get around, then I’m sure her doctor will have no problem providing a note. If your wife is able to safely control her scooter without being a hazard to others, then she should be able to easily pass a scooter driver’s safety test.

        Its very sad that you wish Carol to someday become dasabled. That shows that you’re obviously a very vile, hateful person. I’m hoping you get the mental health care that you very desperately need.

      2. What a nasty, angry man you are, Dave!
        I, too, had my foot run over by someone in a scooter, and I was carrying my baby boy at the time. It broke two bones in my foot and toe, I later discovered.
        We all are thankful disabled people are still permitted to ride in the parks, but it has become something people use as an excuse because they don’t want to walk! Sometimes they also have other issues that can’t be seen, but I’ve watched people jump off the scooters and make a mad dash to the bathroom, or take turns riding with others in their party. There are simply too many people abusing the privilege, and I applaud Disney making a medical note and driving test necessary to protect others.
        Also, Carol Glorioso was NOT making fun of disabled people.

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