REVIEW: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary Mickey and Minnie Celebration Cakes at Backlot Express

With Runaway Railway on the horizon, (though delayed until Spring) Mickey and Minnie have found their own way to join the fun of Hollywood Studios’ 30th with their individual celebration cakes. Sadly, we can only hope their E-ticket ride will be far more enjoyable than these desserts.

The celebration cakes both consist of the blandest marshmallow topping with a bit of frosting injected into the center. Of the two, Mickey’s chocolate contains a better consistency of flavor, but only because Minnie’s is the thickest vanilla cake eaten on property in recent memory.

Seriously… you could use it to soak up your sweat from the Florida heat. I wouldn’t recommend that action nor purchasing either of these cakes. Save your $5.29 and use it for another celebration cake. If you still feel led to purchase it, they can be found at Backlot Express today only.

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