REVIEW: Crew’s Cup Lounge Offers Cozy Bar Atmosphere & Giant Everything Pretzels at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Crew’s Cup Lounge recently introduced some new menu items, and since we’re big Crew’s Cup fans here at WDWNT, we just had to give them a try. Read on to find out what we thought about this often overlooked lounge and bar space at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.

Crew’s Cup is the lounge attached to the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, tucked away past a small entranceway, behind some large white walls.

Because of this, the restaurant is often quiet and makes for a relaxing and intimate dining experience. Let’s look into what the bar/dining experience here is like.

Magic 75 Cocktail

The Magic 75 cocktail is the Crew’s Cup take on a French 75. The gin and lemon juice come separately from the base of the drink, and you add it in yourself. When finished, the color of the drink changes slightly (so slightly, you can barely notice). It’s supposed to be a unique effect, but it doesn’t entirely work. The drink itself was enjoyable, but be sure lemon juice is your thing, as it carries an strong, tart lemon flavor.

Lobster Bisque Bread Bowl – $14.00

The Lobster Bisque was good. If you’re looking to share an appetizer amongst the table, I’d suggest a different option, as sharing a bowl of soup is difficult. Most of the lobster settled at the bottom, so be sure to stir the soup before eating. The soup was served warm and it’s fun dipping chunks of the bread bowl in it.

While this was a solid entree, it’s still no match for the lobster bisque at Les Halles in the France Pavilion, which we recommend over this (if it’s lobster bisque you’re after.)

Baked Cheese Dip – $13.00

This is probably the worst-labeled menu item in all of Walt Disney World. Despite this being merely labeled a “cheese dip” on the menu, this is a giant everything pretzel first and foremost, served with accompaniments.

All of the accompaniments are good, but the beer cheese and the mustard were the best of the three. The mustard is very spicy, and has a real nice kick to it. The pickles aren’t really my thing, but if you’re into pickles, you won’t be disappointed by these.

Overall, the main highlight of this appetizer is how large it is. It’s massive, shareable, makes for good bar food, and is a great value. Do keep in mind that it tastes more like an everything bagel than a pretzel, but not necessarily in a bad way. That’s kind of what they were going for.

Prime Rib Sliders – $16.00

These are good. They’re served with fries, a cup of au jus, and topped with horseradish sauce on an onion roll. The prime rib was far from dry and paired well with the horseradish cream.

In most other Disney restaurants, there’d probably only be two sliders on that plate, so this is another good value on the menu, not to mention it comes with fries. The sliders are very flavorful and well-prepared. They aren’t too stingy on the meat, either. The fries were also very good. You could get away with getting this as an entree.

Classic Crew Burger – $20.00

The Classic Crew Burger is a solid, safe way to go if you’re not feeling adventurous and want a decent meal. It’s topped with your traditional burger toppings and comes on an extremely fresh, lightly toasted bun. The house-made ketchup is somewhat different than your traditional Heinz ketchup, which adds a unique element to the burger.

Several years ago, many would tell you that this was the best burger on property. Here at WDWNT, the general consensus is that it isn’t a bad burger by any means, but it’s certainly not the best at Walt Disney World. Honestly, you’d be better off at D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs.

House-Made Signature “Yacht Dog” – $16.00

According to the Crew’s Cup menu, this hot dog is made with 14-day dry-aged prime beef and topped with mayonnaise, house-made ketchup, fried onions, and Mr. Tractor honey mustard on a Parker house bun. (And served with french fries.)

This sounded a lot more excited on the menu than it actually was. Despite their advertising this as some kind of specialty hot dog, it pretty much tastes just like any dog. Sure, the bun is better than what you’d probably get at Casey’s, but other than that, this isn’t something you should order. The fried onions perpetually fall off the hot dog, making it hard to get a cohesive bite with all the flavor elements present.


Overall, the Crew’s Cup is a good bar to have a snack, but not really a place to have dinner. We can highly recommend the sliders and pretzel with cheese dip, not to mention there isn’t a bad cocktail on the menu, but if you’re looking for dinner, do yourself a favor and head on over to Ale & Compass.

That being said, however, if you’re looking for for snacks and appetizers while you watch the big game, this is the spot to be, but it nearly isn’t as good as it used to be.

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2 years ago

They lost me when they got rid of the lobster roll…