The Aladdin-inspired petit cake from Amorettes

REVIEW: New Aladdin-Inspired Petit Cake Comes Soaring, Tumbling, Freewheeling Into Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs

Let us share a whole new world of pastry delight with you, fresh from Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs!

Once we saw they announced this shining, shimmering, splendid creation, we hopped on our nearest Magic Carpet and flew out to Disney Springs to try it. (And of course, we parked it in the Orange Garage.)

As with all petit cakes, it costs $16 and is big enough to feed two (or three.)

This is one of those cases where the cake really is too pretty to eat. The gold fondant piping, magic lamp, and gilded magic carpet on top are gorgeous accents that surely took Amorette’s pastry team a long time to create.

(Important Safety Reminder: Please remember to pull off the bottom ribbon before eating it.)

Right when you cut into the petit cake, you can see all of the intricate layers involved. The blue fondant layer is actually quite good. It’s very thin and was melting a little by the time we got to it. The fig pate layer has a very thick, gummy bear type of texture. You really have to use your fork to cut through it.

There’s a layer of buttercream in between the fondant and the cake, and it tasted very fresh and light, almost like whipped cream. We definitely wish there was more of that in the cake.

The interesting part about this cake is how well it emulates the flavors of baklava. You have the crunchy, nutty flavors melding with the almost cinnamon spice flavor of the 5-spice mousse. The thin cake layers are spongy, yet moist.

Probably the only layer we didn’t care for was the golden raisin jam layer, because it had giant chunks of raisins in it. The flavor was good, but texture felt somewhat off. Some layers are a little sweeter than others, with some having more “spice”. I’d say this cake is big on texture––between the pate, the granola, the raisins, and the cream, there’s a lot going on here.

All in all, it’s a delicious cake that’s gorgeous to look at. Before you dig in, keep in mind that there’s going to be a lot going on here, and it’ll be hard to get all the flavors into one bite, but it’s definitely worth it for this diamond in the rough.

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