REVIEW: New Cuban Spring Rolls Arrive in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom

cuban spring rolls adventureland
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The Spring Roll cart in Adventureland is one of the best hidden gems for food of any kind in Magic Kingdom. If you haven’t already discovered it, chances are you’ve walked right past it many times, hiding in plain sight right across from The Magic Carpets of Aladdin and The Enchanted Tiki Room. The cart is home to one of my absolute Disney Parks foods, the cheeseburger spring rolls, and a rotating seasonal flavor of spring roll that switches out every couple of months, and today the newest spring roll flavor has finally hit the Park; Cuban Spring Rolls.

cuban spring rolls adventureland

cuban spring rolls adventureland

The Cuban Spring Rolls seem to be inspired by a Cuban sandwich. The outside wrapper on all of the spring rolls I’ve ever gotten from this cart has always been perfectly and delightfully crisp, and these were no exception. The inside was filled with warm, melted Swiss cheese, cubed ham, and some pulled pork.

cuban spring rolls adventureland

cuban spring rolls adventureland

I enjoyed this spring roll flavor. They definitely didn’t skimp on the amount of cheese, pork and ham filling, the roll was small but dense. I preferred the Cuban over the previous offering of the Philly Cheesesteak rolls, and that’s really saying something because the Cheesesteak rolls were GOOD. But, the Cheeseburger spring rolls still reign supreme to me, overall.

cuban spring rolls adventureland

That said, two spring rolls from this cart are priced at $7.50, and my go-to order is always to mix and match them. A trick to ordering here is that while, yes, you can just get two of the same flavor, I always request one of each flavor to get the best of both worlds. It’s always fun to try the specialty flavoring, but I can’t resist my tried and true love, the Cheeseburger rolls. Something I’ve noticed almost every time I’ve ordered this way though, is that the specialty flavor is almost always a bigger spring roll than the Cheeseburger roll. You can see that in the picture, the Cuban roll is the bigger, more golden brown roll on the left, and the Cheeseburger roll is the slightly smaller, thinner roll on the right. So if you’re looking to get the most food for your money, its usually a safe bet to lean into the specialty flavors.

spring roll cart adventureland

I highly recommend not skipping the spring roll cart the next time you’re wandering through Adventurlend, and if you’re going soon, the Cuban rolls are definitely a worthy addition to the menu (but Cheeseburger rolls are still bae).

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If they could not run out in 10 minutes and let the cast members when the fresh one are ready that would be great.