Main Street Cinema concept art for a potential Disney Infinity 5.0 Playset

Disney Infinity 5.0 Would Have had a Main Street Cinema Playset Based on Classic Disney Animation Shorts

Even though we never even got a Disney Infinity 4.0 the team at Avalanche Software had big plans for future installments of the toys-to-life franchise. In a recent Reddit post, ex-Disney Infinity animator, Thomas Estrada shared a look at a Main Street Cinema Playset that was under development for Disney Infinity 5.0.

While specifics are pretty scarce, we’ve learned that this Main Street Cinemas Playset would have offered players the chance to step inside the world of classic Disney animation shorts like Steamboat Willie, Plane Crazy, etc., and play through these adventures. The gameplay style would have been, what Estrada describes as “2D Animation style side-scroller mini-games,” akin to the recent smash hit game, Cuphead.

The Reddit post was accompanied by the above piece of concept art, showing the Main Street Cinema from Disneyland. Of course, back when the game was in development, the team at Avalanche Software likely were unaware that the Cinema would go on to be transformed into a gift shop.

Earlier this year we got actual pre-alpha footage of Disney Infinity 4.0, showing off the way Playset story content would have crossed over characters from various Disney universes.

What do you think about this glimpse into what a potential Disney Infinity 5.0 would have looked like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below as we continue to mourn the loss of Disney Infinity all these years later.

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1 year ago

Disney Infinity could be started again, but it doesn’t need the toys-to-life genre.