Disney Releases Guidelines on Proper Attire Within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been open for over a week now and with it has come some confusion regarding proper attire within the land, given that they have repeatedly stated that while robes and such are sold within the land, they are not permitted to be worn by travelers older than 14. To help clarify, they’ve just released the following images to help travelers decipher what can and cannot be worn within the land:

While costumes may not be worn by guests 14 years of age or older, appropriate bounding—dressing in outfits inspired by Star Wars—is permitted. The following guidelines will help you arrive to Batuu in style. Proper footwear must be worn.

Permitted attire includes:

Bounding for your visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort - Permitted Attire
  • Bounding: piecing together traditional clothing items that when worn together, serve as a recognizable tribute to Star Wars characters
  • Batuuan attire: wearing outfits inspired by the villagers of Batuu—muted tones, vests, layers, etc.

Not permitted attire includes:

Bounding for your visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort - Not Permitted Attire
  • All robes or military-style attire
  • Masks, face paint, elaborate headwear, blasters or holsters (lightsabers are allowed) or hard items such as body armor, helmets or kneepads
  • Full character suits

Please note some of the items sold in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, like robes, cannot be worn inside the land.


20 thoughts on “Disney Releases Guidelines on Proper Attire Within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park”

  1. It’s a shame! This is where Universal has the upper hand on Disney in regards to the use of robes.

    • Grew up, adults should not be dressing up. What the purpose, to attract little kids to them. That’s why Disney is so correct here.

    • Nah, Universal doesn’t have any Harry Potter themed meet and greets. I believe most (all?) of their staff aren’t dressed like Hogwarts students as well.

      Disney has always only allowed adults to wear costumes during Halloween events. Why would anyone think Galaxy’s Edge would have a different policy?

      • It was initially reported by several Disney “insiders” that adults would be allowed to wear purchased costume items within the Batuu. I think that’s where a lot of the frustration has come in.

    • It’s a security issue. Disney has the most terrorist threats in the US (they told us this while I worked at disney). That’s why the guidelines are much more strict when it comes to costumes. Also it is because they dont want children mistaking them as the actual character since a cast member might be dressed the same and it ruins the magic.

  2. I think Disneyland is doing well with the dress code. I understand kids could wear their princess or Star Wars costumes, but adults it’s ok if they are not showing anything they should not. I am a 33 year old young adult that was born with a birth defect mild celesy paulsy.& I love Disneyland. I even dress up like Rapunzel in my shirt ears & necklace & bracelet & sPauley. I look like I belong in high school or Jr. High, but if I wore a outfit like Ray’s I know I wont get in trouble or pull it off.

    • I would prefer if they did less policing of costumes and more policing of clothing that has objectionable phrases and shows excessive skin. I have no problem with people dressing however they want but it needs to be appropriate for the environment. Sports bras and shorts with butt cheeks hanging out the bottom is not theme park attire. That’s for the beach, a city park, the gym, etc. Same goes for guys wearing bicycle shorts. I really don’t need to see the outline of your junk while waiting in line.

      • I agree…more policing of wildly inappropriate sports bras and I’ll add…maybe they should be more concerned with people cutting through lines, and smoking/vaping just where ever they feel like it. I’m not a big believer in costumes, however, a Jedi robe is not really a full costume. If it is sold by Disney it should be allowed to be worn inside the park by anyone who buys it.

  3. Makes complete sense to me. Check out r/idontworkherelady if you don’t understand why Disney wouldn’t want the general public to appear to be cast members in their parks.

  4. I hardly think that adults wearing costumes purpose is to attract small kids, Steven. I personally do not wear costumes outside of Halloween, but I can understand that there are adults that enjoy Star Wars enough to want to feel immersed in the atmosphere by dressing in their favorite character. The reason Disney does not permit this for adults is so not to have guests draw attention to themselves and take away from the park theme. Imagine an adult dressed as Darth Vader gets kicked by a kid and the adult curses at the child. The children’s parents now want to go after Fake Vader for ruining their vacation and using vulgar language, except Fake Vader does not work there. Now it is Disney problem. Disney prides themselves on character branding and does not want non-employees to detract from that.

  5. Imagineer: Let’s make a completely immersive land where it really feels like you’re in Star Wars! A bunch of characters walking around, we can sell high quality costumes to the guests, merchandise won’t have branding on it so it seem like it really is from that worldl! Corporate: Great idea, but let’s make that 5 characters, 4 of which can be met already at Launch Bay. Love the merch idea but it will still say Disney, Star Wars, and Made in China, And the costumes? Let’s charge several hundred dollars but the catch is they can’t wear them!

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