REVIEW: Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa Del Lago Opens to Guests at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

First, there were bridges (and a newly-designed trash can.) Then, there was a menu. Today, we braved the rain to bring you some of the most exciting news at Walt Disney World to date: the Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa del Lago in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort has finally opened!

Let’s set the stormy scene for this in-depth review:

Housed within the Villa del Lago in the center of Lago Dorado, Three Bridges Bar & Grill introduces a new table service dining experience where guests can delight in sandwiches, shared plates, and more at this relaxing lakefront restaurant.

You access the bridges that lead to the center of Lago Dorado (the heart of which is now Villa del Lago) by heading in and out the lobby at El Centro. Signs are out and about to direct guests. (Otherwise, just follow the delicious food smells.)

Much to the delight of conventioneers and night owls alike, you’ll notice that Three Bridges is open late, until midnight. (That is, until budget cuts strike… but let’s not give them any ideas.)

Even on a wet, dreary day like this, the warm lighting from the outdoor seating of the Villa beckons guests to come and lounge.

A menu is posted outside for those curious about the restaurant.

Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa del Lago Ambiance

The grand opening was marked by a very sweet ribbon-cutting ceremony. And check out those newly-inspired Cast Member outfits!

Covered outdoor seating is ample, with a variety of seating options, be it couches, sofas, chairs, or barstools.

A covered fire keeps things nice and toasty when it’s cold or rainy out.

Some spots by the edges of the patio feature stunning views of Gran Destino Tower.

The marble countertops elevate the restaurant’s ambiance.

We love all the lanterns hanging about…

… and even gracing the faux fireplace.

One of our favorite touches was this torn-out page from an old Uncle Scrooge Adventures comic book by the late Disney Legend Carl Barks (who actually created the character of Scrooge McDuck) lining the walls, along with maps and other prints.

More seating snapshots, in case you’re curious:

To give you a feel for the overall space here, check out our full tour of the restaurant in the video below:

And yes, there are restrooms here.

Three Bridges Bar & Grill Menu

Once seated, you’re handed this wood-bound menu with various pages detailing all of the offerings, which include beer, wine, sangria, specialty cocktails, and a variety of beverages and foods.

We love the inclusion of Spanish Specialty Coffee, given that usually resorts are severely lacking in this department. Hopefully they’ll expand hours to allow for a cortadito window in the mornings.

Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa del Lago Review

Now, let’s get to what you all came here for: the food.

We’ll start with cocktails, which by the way, come on these themed, custom-made coasters:

Move over, Oga’s Cantina.

Here’s what the whole table setup looks like.

Specialty Cocktails

Rosado (Rose) Sangria – $12/glass, $38/pitcher

Garnacha rose wine, Puerto de Indias strawberry gin, apricot brandy, raspberry, apple

I like sangria, but not rosé. That being said, this would be good if you happen to like both those things. It’s also worth noting that all sangrias here are house-made, which is a nice touch.

Sherry Cobbler – $12.50

Emilio Hidalgo Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Sweet & Sour, Orange, Fresh Fruit

The Sherry Cobbler is an odd one, but it’s still rather unique. It’s heavy, and at times, it actually tastes like you’re drinking a cobbler. I couldn’t really finish an entire one.

Santa María Collins – $11.50

Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin, Lime, Strawberry, Club Soda

The Santa María Collins is light and refreshing, albeit a bit light on the gin.

Port de Colada – $12.50

Dos Maderas 5+5 PX Rum, Valdespino Palo Cortado Viejo CP Sherry, Lime, Pineappple, Coconut

This colada was excellent. It isn’t served frozen, though, so tourists may be in for a disappointment. (I usually don’t care for them when they aren’t frozen, either, but I actually loved this.) There’s a nice coconut-foward flavor here, with hints of lime and pineapple coming through with each sip.

Mango Fresco – $12.50

Frozen Blended Agustin Blazquez Felipe II Solera Reserva Brandy, Torres Magdala Naranjas del Mediterráneo, Mango, Lime, Hibiscus-Grenadine

The Mango Fresco is a heavy frozen juice concoction. There are strong mango and lime flavors, and it’s hard to taste the alcohol in there, but trust us, it’s there.

Amaretto de Verano – $17.00

High West Campfire Straight Rye, Disaronno Originale Italian Amaretto, Combier Creme de Mûre, Sweet & Sour

A bit syrupy for my taste, but not bad otherwise.

Spreadable / Dippable / Shareable (Appetizers)

Fried Shrimp Corn Dogs – $16.00

smoked paprika fries

You’ve got to give them points for presentation here, especially given that both these foods are otherwise street foods. They’ve elevated them somewhat by serving them on this board.

The corn dogs are nicely battered, and have some tasty seasoning built in. Best of all, these come loaded with sizeable bites of shrimp inside.

The shrimp corn dogs come with a remoulade for dipping, as well as a tomato aioli for the paprika-seasoned fries, but both dips look almost identical.

Do note that we actually preferred the remoulade for the fries and the tomato aioli for the corn dogs, which is the opposite of what was recommended.

Warm Manchego and Oaxaca Cheese Dip – $13.00

chorizo / poblano peppers / tortilla chips

As pretty as it looks, the cheese dip is insanely bland. All the flavors are dull here, despite the heaping layer of green onion and red poblano peppers.

Definitely skip this, or prepare to be underwhelmed.

Sandwiches / Salads / Entrees

All three of the sandwich/taco style entrees are served with your choice of Smoked Paprika Fries or Fruit.

Three Bridges Signature Burger – $16.00

crispy potato / Manchego cheese / roasted garlic-lemon aioli / arugula / tomato

I think the photos speak for themselves here. This burger is fantastic. The roasted garlic-lemon aioli really makes the sandwich, and the Manchego really shines here, as opposed to in the dip.

Best of all are these paper-thin fried potatoes, which taste like homemade potato chips.

To top it all off, the bun is extremely soft. Definitely the winner on this menu.

(And yes, we got this with a side of fruit for the purposes of this review. It’s your regular slimy Disney fruit.)

Braised Pork Tacos – $13.00

radish and carrot slaw / salsa verde / Cotija cheese

The tacos are solid here, but there’s no denying that they’re stuffed with the same Walt Disney World pulled pork that’s virtually served everywhere else on property.

The slaw was the dominant flavor here, and you could barely taste the bits of Cotija cheese.

All in all, these had a nice crunch and were very fresh. Get these if you’re in the mood for crisp, fresh tacos.

Crispy Chicken Biscuit Sliders – $14.00

hot honey / blue cheese / creamy slaw

I was excited about these given the honey and blue cheese that was advertised on the menu, but these ended up being a disappointment.

There’s no real honey taste to them, so they really just end up tasting like fried chicken and blue cheese on a biscuit.

Not to say that’s a bad thing, but it definitely wasn’t what we had in mind for these. A definite miss.


Warm Churros – $9.00

Espelette pepper sugar / chocolate sauce

We’ll separate the churro review into two parts, because my opinion changed over the span of a few churros. At first, these didn’t really taste like “real” churros. (Editor’s Note: These most definitely look like Miami churros, which means they’re definitely real.) The inside is cakey, and the flavoring is subtle, despite all the sugary topping. I’d say portion size is better than at Nomad Lounge, which is nice.

The chocolate sauce isn’t profound or life-changing here, but eventually, the churros really grew on me. They have that nice, crispy exterior, and the chocolate sauce paired well with them since it wasn’t too rich. I ended up liking these, and while they aren’t going to top any must-have dessert lists, they’re definitely enjoyable.

Vanilla Custard Mickey Tart – $8.00

compressed pineapple / tropical sorbet

The Vanilla Custard Mickey Tart is good. The tartness is cut by the sorbet and crumbs scattered about the plate.

It definitely tastes better than I thought, considering that it looks like a counter service dessert.


I’d say that while Three Bridges Bar & Grill definitely tops any of the eateries inside the resort’s lobby, it still isn’t a good fit for families. This definitely was created with the convention crowd in mind, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on visiting with kids. However, the food is solid, and the drink menu is really unique. I’d definitely come back for drinks, maybe the burger and corn dogs. Give this place a try.

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2 years ago

Crazy to think that whole place was the empty middle of a lake not that long ago.
I’ve been excited for this place, glad to see it open.
That burger looks off the chain!!

Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez
2 years ago

Will they be taking reservations?

Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez
2 years ago
Reply to  Tom Corless

thanks for the info

2 years ago

Absolutely LOVE the look and atmosphere at this lounge!!!

2 years ago

I ate there last night and enjoyed the cheese dip. It wasn’t spicy but it wasn’t just plain cheese. I dipped my paprika fries and pork tacos in it. Definitely agree tacos need some tweaking. I also had the Spanish margarita which was delicious. The views are also lovely. They do not have a kids menu so don’t expect to find anything other than what’s listed. It’s a great date spot. Also they took AP discount.