PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 6/28/19 (New Pins, Scrims Up at the Canada Pavilion, Construction Updates, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 6/28/19 (New Pins, Scrims Up at the Canada Pavilion, Construction Updates, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 6/28/19 (New Pins, Scrims Up at the Canada Pavilion, Construction Updates, ETC.)

Good morning from Epcot! It already feels like it’s going to be the hottest day of the year so far. Let’s see what we can get done before I melt.

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Nemo pin ($9.99)

Off to a good start already. I found this cute Nemo pin at Mouse Gear!

Future World Construction

epcot6 25 19 1

The rose walk pathway between Imagination and World Showcase is mostly just a field of dirt right now.

epcot6 25 19 28

They have started to lay the curbs for the new path though.

epcot6 25 19 1

epcot6 25 19 2

It already looks to be much wider!

epcot6 25 19 5

The new space restaurant near Mission Space is still looking pretty rough. Just a lot of concrete block so far. I’m sure the inside looks better, they claim it will open later this year.

epcot6 25 19 4

You can see straight through this part of the building (it used to be the HP lounge for Mission Space).

World Showcase

epcot6 25 19 12

Over at International gateway, other than the obvious construction we’ve mentioned before, it looks like they’re also doing significant work on the stroller rental area.

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epcot6 25 19 10

epcot6 25 19 7

Even more scrims are up at the Canada pavilion. O’ Canada! is set to close in August for digital upgrades to the film.

epcot6 25 19 8

It’s starting to look like a little scrim cityscape.

epcot6 25 19 26

epcot6 25 19 27

If you like the Martin Short version of O’ Canada (as I do), make sure you see it before the attraction closes in August.

epcot6 25 19 18

The film in China is also due for a major upgrade at the same time. I’ve never cared for this one myself, but still– now’s the time to watch it before it’s gone for good.

epcot6 25 19 19

epcot6 25 19 17

The Chinese cotton candy seems to be doing well. I don’t know if I’d ever recommend cotton candy in the Florida humidity, though.

epcot6 25 19 16

epcot6 25 19 2 1

My favorite place to sit in China to avoid the heat is this chair in the Shanghai Disney exhibit because no one can sit next to me.

epcot6 25 19 15

epcot6 25 19 13

epcot6 25 19 14

It looks like they’re in process of removing this green railing here. It must have been a safety thing for construction crews.

epcot6 25 19 29

Here’s a picture from two weeks ago, where you can see the safety railing still in one piece.

Now for a brief interlude where we appreciate the stained glass of the Germany pavilion.

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epcot6 25 19 2 2

epcot6 25 19 2 4

Lovely! Let’s continue, shall we?

epcot6 25 19 20

This kiosk in Norway is having some… roof issues.

epcot6 25 19 21

Seems like a simple fix.

epcot6 25 19 25

The scrims at La Cantina del San Angel have moved down to the right. The part they were working on is looking fresh!

epcot6 25 19 24

epcot6 25 19 23

epcot6 25 19 22

You know it’s a hot, hot day when there’s a line for Gran Fiesta Tour.

That’s it for today! Maybe next time I’m here it won’t be so dang hot. But, hey, it’s June, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Stick with us for more updates and photos from the Disney parks!