REVIEW: New Seasonal “Grub” Burger with Gummy Bug Condiments Crawls into D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs

Grub Burger with edible worms, spiders, and grasshoper
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D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs is home of some pretty tasty burgers. We’ve been known to hit up this location for lunch from time to time, so when we spotted a new seasonal burger on the menu, we knew what needed to be done. The “Grub” Burger sounds like something Timon and Pumbaa would totally go for, so here goes nothing!

Grub Burger with edible worms, spiders, and grasshoper

The new seasonal Grub Burger has been added to the menu for $13.49, replacing the previous Caribbean Burger. The sign describes the burger as a signature patty, topped by tomato worms, a basil grasshopper, balsamic vinegar spiders, fresh tomato salad, fried mozzarella, and lettuce on a parker house. Worms? Spiders? Um, yes, please!

D-Luxe Burger Menu with new Grub Burger

The presentation on this burger is absolute perfection. Glittery pink worms hang off the edges, wiggling with every move of the burger. Identical spiders sit perched on their mozzarella webs. And a giant, green grass hopper sits in the center, ready to jump. This is definitely much more than we expected.

Grub Burger

Is this creepy crawly burger appealing to you?

Grub Burger

Grub Burger

It honestly looks like my lunch is trying to escape. Or attack me!

Glittery Worm on Grub Burger at Disney Springs

The worms and grasshopper are sparkly, and the balsamic vinegar spiders have perfect little fried mozzarella cheese webs. Yum.

Grub Burger Toppings

The effort put into this burger makes me so happy. It’s like all the creative and decorative efforts of a cupcake, in an actual meal. Thank you! Okay, now that we’ve appreciated all the cuteness put into this, let’s get our grub on.

Tomato worm, basil grashopper, balsamic vinegar spider

The grasshopper is basil, the worms are tomato, and the spiders are balsamic vinegar. Despite looking like a gummy candy, they don’t have the same consistency at all. They have the texture and consistency of rubber. The spider is delicious. The grasshopper and worm, on the other hand, slice and chew easily, but the strange consistency and flavor make them hard to swallow alone. Best to leave them on the actual burger.

Grub Burger Insides

The burger is your basic, delicious D-Luxe burger patty on a kaiser roll. The roll is soft and fresh and burger cooked nicely. Unfortunately, the Grub Burger as a whole is very dry (luckily, there are some delicious sauces here that can easily fix that). The “fresh tomato salad” reminded me more of an onion jam, both in color and consistency and there really wasn’t much taste to it. As much as I hate spiders, they really saved this burger. The combination of the fried mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, and burger together works perfectly.

Cut up Grub Burger with burgs everywhere

The Grub Burger definitely gets bonus points for presentation, but falls short on taste. This is still a fun burger and worth a try, especially if you like fried mozzarella. Will you be crawling down to Disney Springs to give this new Grub Burger a try, or do you find bug shaped food a little too wild?

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Robert Chapeko
Robert Chapeko

Better than the Shawarma from the Morocco pavilion with real worms in it