PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 6/13/19 (New Merchandise, TRON Coaster Progress, Construction Updates, ETC.)

Good day from the Magic Kingdom. Let’s see what’s going on around here today!


“Beast” Hat ($29.99)

We first saw it rear its horns at Disneyland Park in California, and now it has made it to Florida. Want everyone to know you’re a beast? Or possibly your girlfriend wants to dress as Belle and this is the minimum amount of effort you’re willing to put in to match her? Well, here you go.

Mickey pin ($9.99)

I really like the texture on this Mickey Mouse pin. It’s a pretty basic design, but the stained glass/peeling paint effect on it is really interesting.

Mickey Sneakers ($39.99)

If you’re really in the mood for Mickey, they have these Mickey mouse sneakers available in the Emporium. Sometimes you just need to represent the boss.


The upcoming TRON roller coaster is getting so tall now, you can see it from ground level.

Crews have been working on this site non-stop, and it shows. It seems like every day I’m here there’s a new piece of steel.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work they go.

This isn’t really construction, but more of a pipe dream. Does anyone else wish they’d just knock this terrible stage down? It’s so awkwardly placed and it never gets used most of the time.

Just open this space up, let it breathe. They’ve already removed a lot of other superfluous elements from Tomorrowland, why not this?

Not a lot of change at the Cinderella Castle pathway. You can see our most recent update on the project here.

They’re making quite a mess though, I must say. They’re going to have to dredge the moat when they’re done.

A reminder: the entire pathway is still closed. Scrims are also still up at Castle Couture during its transformation into an extension of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I’m curious if the location will get new signage now that it’s changed function. I guess we’ll see!

No real progress over here by Big Thunder Mountain, either. Whatever they’re working on here, it isn’t a high priority.

Et Cetera

Sonny Eclipse is still missing from Cosmic Rays! Don’t worry, he hasn’t gone far, though. Rumor has it that when they need to use the stage for other purposes, his entire stage raises up into the ceiling. Hopefully he’ll return soon.

I found Mary Poppins in her normal spot today, at the gazebo in Liberty Square. Today though, she had her friend Bert with her! A surprise, to be sure. Unfortunately, the line had already been cut off when I got there, and they weren’t sure if he would return with her. I’ll keep my eyes open; hopefully he’ll be around more often this summer.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading, and stick around for more Magic Kingdom updates!

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