PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 6/30/19 (Ice Cream, Orange Bird, Pressed Pennies and More!)

Summer in the Magic Kingdom can be a mixed bag. Let’s see what fun we can find while dodging the crowds and sporadic summer rain storms.

Main Street

I ducked into the Main Street Railroad Station today just to look around, and I noticed that they had upgraded their pressed penny machines.

These machines let you either crank the old fashioned way to choose your penny, or it’ll give you all four coins with the use of a credit card. We’ve seen them cropping up a lot lately.

The future is now.

With summer comes the rains, and with rain comes some really interesting clouds. This one hung over the park early afternoon, but it never actually poured like you would think it would. That’s Florida for you.

Around the Park

When it does rain, though, out come the ponchos. This was the line for Fastpass return at Pirates of the Caribbean. I guess everyone wanted out of the rain ASAP.


But enough about the rain. I had a date with a dessert.

The Plaza Restaurant has a new shake on the menu, and it’s quite the experience. You can read my whole review here.

If you want ice cream but aren’t in the mood for all that mess, check out any of the many ice cream stands around the park. You can get character waffle toppers to adorn them now. Most locations have one of the fab five. You might have to explore to find the character you want. For example, I found Goofy in Tomorrowland…

…and Minnie in Fantasyland.

Orange Bird Hat ($27.99)

My favorite find of the day, however, was this amazing Orange Bird hat. “Squeeze the Day” indeed!

Orange Bird Hat ($27.99)
Orange Bird Hat ($27.99)

I found mine in the Emporium on Main Street, but it was available in several locations by the end of the day.

Construction Updates

Looks like the mystery work over at the dock near Big Thunder Mountain might just be concrete work after all. They’ve already replaced about half of it.

The new TRON coaster is really coming together. You can see our most recent report on it here.

More walls are being framed for the Cinderella Castle path expansion project. This is one job they need to finish quickly, for the sake of the crowds.

They’re making a bit of a mess in the moat, too.

That’s it for today! Luckily, I didn’t get rained on too much today. Tomorrow may be a different story. Stick with us for all things Walt Disney World!