PHOTOS: Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo Now Distributing Regular Silverware Instead of Themed Sporks at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park

Throughout the opening week of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we couldn’t get over how amazing the quick service dining at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo was. The food was fresh and innovative, and the decor and ambiance inside the restaurant (and outside in that relaxing courtyard) could not be beat. An integral part of that experience was, funnily enough, these uniquely-designed sporks:

The sporks, while not necessarily the most adequate eating utensil for certain menu items, added an immersive element to the entire dining experience. These weren’t your average sporks. (Sorry, Forky.) These were heavy metal, tarnished and worn, with the fork tines set slightly askew. It was weird, and frankly, we were all for it… that is, until things started to change:

1.5 days into the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, the restaurant had to take the sporks in behind the counter (they were previously set out with napkins, straws, and the like) and began rationing them with every order. One spork per person! (Okay, maybe an extra set for dessert. This isn’t Oga’s. We have manners.)

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THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. 😕 ✨ So the infamous (yet utterly cool) Docking Bay 7 "space" sporks are being intermittently swapped with plastic forks now. ✨ They've basically gone from having sporks out, to handing out sporks, to now occasionally handing out these #basic plastic forks… which can't be a good sign of things to come. ✨ What do you think about this move back to disposeable boring forks? What would Forky say? . . . . #dlr #disneyland #disneylandcalifornia #disneylandresort #disneylandpark #disneyparks #disney #starwars #swgalaxysedge #galaxysedge #starwarsgalaxysedge #starwarsgalaxysedge2019 #blackspireoutpost #dockingbay7 #dockingbay7foodandcargo #spork #spacespork #batuu #wdwnt

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Four days in. Plastic forks. This was disappointing, to say the least. I’d even go as far as to say that the food didn’t even taste the same (read: as good) with these. I was relieved, however, once I noticed that other guests eventually were given sporks. They weren’t totally gone. They were just in the washer.

Flash forward to today, when we notice this on Debbie Wilson’s (@debbiewilsonn) Instagram stories:

Except this time, there weren’t any sporks out at all. Everyone was using these regular silverware forks during the dinnertime rush at Docking Bay 7.

We don’t really know what to make of this, although it’s disheartening to see this play out. The sporks seemed like an intentional, creative twist on an otherwise basic quick service restaurant. It took some thought to design and implement this concept, yet now we’re seeing it potentially be phased out due to supply issues or theft.

Whether the plain forks are here to stay, or they’re just something to hold us over until the next spork shipment arrives, we’ll just have to wait and see. But I can tell you this much, the Felucian Garden Spread will never taste the same without the Docking Bay Fork Experience.

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  1. They did it because people were stealing the sporks and listing them on eBay for $70.

  2. People were selling the GE sporks on eBay for $50-100. That’s probably why they are discontinued because people stole and sold them.

  3. ✨So knowing simplel human behavior, make the “sporks” of plastic for the souvenir hunters !!! ✨🥊

  4. Yea!! Those sporks were ridiculous. They were a fun theming element, for sure, but for a left handed person they were completely impractical. The offset tines were designed with right handers in mind. I got a survey after my visit Saturday and told them I was shocked that those made it all the way to guest use without anyone realizing that. Glad to see them gone!

    1. Poor parenting. Lack of ethics instilled in childhood that stealing is wrong. Unfortunately endemic in our society now. Stealing is fine if you get away with it, no guilt, no shame at all.

  5. After the first day I will bet half of them were gone.
    By the third day there were just a few left.
    Look Ma a free souvenir with our $ 15.00 lunch.

  6. I can’t believe they created and released those sporks without assuming from the start that people would steal them. People are selfish jerks. We know this. Fun idea but a predictable outcome in my opinion.

  7. Disney should just ban the people found to be selling and profiting from these. That would be one way to reduce crowds without having to constantly raise pricing.

    1. Hard to identify. eBay only allows police officers to report stolen merchandise, and Disney, well…doesn’t really respect their IT staff enough to have anyone dedicated enough to work with eBay to track down people by IP and do that. They outsourced most of the most devoted career types.

      Funny how that comes back to bite them.

  8. Make plastic replicas to give out (can still be silver). And sell sets of the metals ones in gift shops. Everyone wins.

  9. They should have offered them as a purchasable item at Docking Bay 7 from the get go. If you don’t buy one, then regular fork for you. I was actually so stoked to use one for our trip this weekend and now I may never know. Hopefully they’ll come back as a souvenir to be bought. It’s a great way for guests to have a reusable utensil that they can bring to the park every time they come. I’m telling ya, people would pay $20 for a Galaxy’s Edge Spork straight from the park.

    1. If they’ll pay $200.00 for a light saber, $75.00 for a beer flight and $10 for a magnet. They’ll pay $20 for a spork. or a menu. Sell the metal ones, provide the plastic ones. (and by ‘they’, I mean me)

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