PHOTOS: Forky Character Prop Added to Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While Disneyland is removing sporks from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, Woody’s Lunchbox just added a BIG one…

A large Forky prop now stands just outside of Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry. There’s a sign.

If the inclusion of Bonnie’s toys in Andy’s Backyard already didn’t make any sense, the inclusion of Forky does no favors to the already disjointed land. It’s a cute photo-op though.

It is unknown if the prop is permanent or just for the promotion of the upcoming film, so you may want to say hello to Forky soon.

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  1. Hopefully this is just to promo the movie. It makes no sense to have Bonnie’s toys in Andy’s backyard, timeline doesn’t fit. Disappointing when the attention to detail is so on point at other attractions.

    1. Agree, Walt went out of his way to make sure that the charters were never seen in the “wrong” setting.

  2. What is the stillest thing we can turn into a toy???? Oh I know a SPORK! It’s so ridiculous that he is now my new favorite Disney character!

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