PHOTOS: Nearmap Shares New Aerial Images of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Under Construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Thanks to our friends at Nearmap, we have some recent aerial imagery from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is the same land and layout (for the most part) of the version that just opened at Disneyland Park on May 31st. These images were taken mid-May 2019.

Here we have an overall look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge as it wraps around that whole back corner of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

A closer look as we start zooming into the land.

Over on the right side, you can see the wide expanse of the Resistance forest, with the winding queue for Rise of the Resistance tucked away in the trees.

Still lots of work going on in this area, as you can see.

Moving on over into the part of town, we see the entrance to the market in that square area (it’s open-air, but somewhat enclosed) and the semi-enclosed pathway lined with all the shops (Black Spire Outfitters, Toydarian Toymaker, Creature Stall, etc.) leading up to Ronto Roasters, which is the largest domed building in this photo. See that grid-like structure up top?

That’s the spot where Stormtroopers overlook travelers in the area. That building on the lower left hand corner is Droid Depot.

This is also the same garage that houses Luke’s landspeeder, among other fun Easter eggs.

A closer look at that whole complex. Ronto Roasters is adjacent to Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, and you can see the outdoor eating area for Docking Bay between them. You can spot that Chef Cookie Tuggs’ ship has already docked at the eatery’s roof.

Across from here is Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, and the stairways leading down to Savi’s Workshop (upper left) and the Millennium Falcon/Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction (not featured here) which would be in the lower left.

Ah, there’s that hunk of junk.

Zooming back out to give you more context.

That darker domed building right by the Millennium Falcon? That’s Oga’s Cantina.

There’s still lots of work left to do in the land as evident by all the cranes still lurking about. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens August 29th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Ron Patterson
Ron Patterson

My first question is, When was this image taken, it looks like they have a lot more than 70 – 90 days worth of work to do for a August 29th opening date. we can see missing walkways that are still dirt, roofs, lighting, ect. and now were coming in to the wet season in Florida, so thins may slow them down.

Tom Corless
Tom Corless