PHOTOS: Walls Come Down, Guests Can Now Walk Over the Graves of the West “Leave A Legacy” Monoliths at Epcot

One side down, one to go. Demolition on Leave A Legacy’s west side monolith section took about a month to complete, but is now finished.

Up until yesterday, construction walls were up around the entire section, but today, the walls are down, offering guests a unique opportunity to walk over where these monoliths (graves?) once stood, not to mention plenty of roaming space around the entrance and exit to the park. (Especially as construction in the area is set to  increase over the next few months.)

So much space!

The monoliths over on the east side have yet to be surrounded by construction walls. If you have a photo on that side and want to check it out before it gets transferred, make sure you drop in soon, because this project seems to be moving fast.

The sections where the monolith slabs rested have been paved over with white concrete. Whether they’ll paint them to match the rest of the flooring or just leave as-is as an eerie reminder of days past is still unknown. The recessed lighting is also still embedded in the ground.

Work on current Leave A Legacy monolith removal is expected to take place in sections, and now that the west side removal is finished, demolition will be moving over to the east side. As a refresher, here’s the concept art for the new entrance:

Additional changes coming to the Epcot main entrance also include new pathways, sweeping green spaces, and a newly-reimagined fountain. This new design will pay homage to the original park entrance with fresh takes on classic elements. Additional significant redevelopment will begin between Spaceship Earth attraction and the World Showcase Promenade, including the closure of Epcot Character Spot, the FountainView Starbucks, and Club Cool, and the demolition of Innovations West.

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  1. I hope they find some place to keep CLUB COOL when they tear down Innovations West. I love CLUB COOL – free pop from around the world!

    1. i’m right there with you Doug, but im 100% O.K. with hipster bucks going away

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