Contemporary Resort Offering 3 New Year's Eve Events for 2017, Including PIXAR & Princess and the Frog Parties

Overnight Parking Fee Increase at Walt Disney World Resorts Effective Today

Hot on the heels of the massive Disney World Annual Pass price increases, another price increase is coming to the most magical place on earth. Any reservation made June 18, 2019 (today) or after will be subjected to higher parking fees at resort hotels.

Contemporary Resort Offering 3 New Year's Eve Events for 2017, Including PIXAR & Princess and the Frog Parties

The hardest hit of the resort categories was Values, where the $2 price increase is around a 15% increase. Moderate and Deluxe hotels saw a $1 increase which represents a 5% and 4% increase respectively.

For reservations made before June 18, 2019 for arrivals in 2019 or 2020:

  • Disney Value Resorts: $13 per night
  • Disney Moderate Resorts: $19 per night
  • Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $24 per night

For reservations made June 18, 2019 and thereafter for arrivals in 2020:

  • Disney Value Resorts: $15 per night
  • Disney Moderate Resorts: $20 per night
  • Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $25 per night

Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Each campsite provides parking space for one (1) motorized vehicle.

Valet Parking
Valet Parking is available at select Disney Deluxe Resorts and Disney Deluxe Villas for $33 per night (sales tax included).

Disney Vacation Club Members
Members will not be charged for standard overnight self-parking when staying at a DVC Deluxe Villa, regardless of whether they use vacation points or another form of payment. Members also will not be charged to park when using vacation points to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

Day Guests
Complimentary standard self-parking is available while enjoying select dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation experiences at Disney Resort hotels.

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    1. They did last year .. if you’re staying at a resort you have to pay to park there… it’s ridiculous in my opinion. Disney makes so so much money.. they don’t pay their staff well and they keep upping the pricing for all of us. I have three special needs kids and we try to go yearly. This makes it harder. I heard a rumor that Disney is trying to price out the middle class from visiting. I thought it was crazy when I first heard it but now… who know.

  1. Out of principle I won’t stay at a Disney hotel anymore following last year’s parking charge addition and this is more fuel to the fire. Last time I stayed at the Contemporary I wrote a lengthy email to the manager about my dissatisfaction with the parking charge and that it comes across as penny pinching and insulting after years of not charging. They said it was in line with industry standards. That may be the case in a major city where parking is a premium, but what happened to the Disney difference? I’ve rolled with the negative changes and declining service and products for a while now, but it’s truly insulting to long time fans and customers. I no longer feel valued, and my opinions don’t seem important to current Disney management. It’s a lot cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one, Disney.

  2. Nickel and diming guests to death. I wonder what Walt would think of all this

    1. Walt would be totally disgusted with how his vision has been warped and twisted to wring every possible dime out of the public.

    2. Walt was a great man and a visionary. He is rolling in his grave over the absolute dilution of Disney standards. Cleanliness, how they treat people guests and employees, nickel and diming, the Disney mafia has risen to new heights. Remember we are all just a number anymore and the Disney family knows it. It’s so sad

    3. I love Disney, I love uncle Walt.., but guys he wasn’t perfect. He was prone to anger, and even pointed fingers at people calling them communist. There were massive Disney strikes and he almost killed the whole company. So while I hate the continued price hikes all around the parks.. Walt would have done this too.. he’d just have done it with a smile and chuckle.

  3. Why does anyone waste any money on this park? Used to be good but since Uncle Walt died they’ve just tried to jam in more people for more money and ruin experience for everyone.

  4. It’s an absolute disgrace that they now charge for parking at the Cabins of Fort Wilderness, considering that they each have a dedicated parking spot!!! As if they don’t have enough money, they now nickel and dime for parking. This will prolong my next trip considering I’ll be paying $200 for my car to be at my cabin for the week!!!

  5. Holy cow I didn’t even know this started. How corrupt! We have done Disney for years but slowed down recently due to our son growing up and leaving the nest. We thought about taking a run down but not now. There is a limit to what people will spend and Disney just hit it with us. There is a limit you guys!!!! How much is enough??? Better slow down or soon you will scare enough fans away you will ruin it.

  6. Wait a sec, now Iger, the incredible price increasing, buffoon, is at it AGAIN??? Doesn’t this clod have enough $$$$$$? You cannot take it with you, pal!

  7. We have been going to Disney now for over 13 years. Every year prices have been increasing. The last 3 years parks have been over crowded and ride waits rediculous. We couldn’t fast pass some rides 4 months in advance. The Disney experience is nothing but money now. Disney took the fun out of all the parks now. Greed is ruining a beautiful experience, how sad. Walt would be ashamed. We will never return.

    1. I agree. We will no longer return. We used to go every 3 years but that is over. The last time we spent the whole night lying in our campsite, listening to a bunch of drunks party all night. No sleep so we didn’t even make it to the park till late in the day. And don’t get me started about the crowds. Everyone in Florida spends their weekends at WDW. They buy an annual pass & use the weekends as a party playground. Forget it. Disney doesn’t need our $. They can nickel & dime someone else.

  8. You’re already paying a huge premium to stay in a park resort versus another location. Adding nickle and dime fees like this is adding insult to injury. Walt would be ashamed of the corporate greed Disney embraces.

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