Rancor Tooth Beer Flight Boards Already Sold Out for the Summer at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Jessica Figueroa

Rancor Tooth Beer Flight Boards Already Sold Out for the Summer at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

In what appears to be a series of merchandise shortages affecting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park, it seems yet another highly sought-out souvenir has sold out in the land, this time at Oga’s Cantina.

Earlier today, we reported on the current state of kyber crystal shortages affecting the land, with Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities only selling loose, unpackaged red and blue crystals (purportedly sourced from Savi’s Workshop stores) exclusively with the purchase of a Jedi or Sith holocrons. Well now, the exclusive Rancor Tooth Beer Flight Board has also sold out for the remainder of the summer, according to Cast Members at the location.

Potentially due to opening dates being moved up, it’s been a common trend so far in the land to see merchandise go out of stock and come back in very limited quantities, but selling out completely is another thing.

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The Rancor Tooth Beer Flight Board retails for $75.00 and is only available at Oga’s Cantina, which now requires same-day advance reservations in order to secure a table (or standing room) at the popular dive. It is one of the three novelty souvenir drinking vessels available there, along with the Cliff Dweller Porg mug ($32.00) and the Yub Nub Endor mug ($42.00.)

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The flight includes a sampling of all four beers on tap at Oga’s Cantina, all of which are still available in full-size pours. Check out our review of all four beers, which were created in collaboration with craft breweries, by clicking here.

No specific date has been given for the return or restock of the Rancor Tooth Beer Flight Board. To make a reservation for Oga’s Cantina, visit disneyland.com/cantina.

4 thoughts on “Rancor Tooth Beer Flight Boards Already Sold Out for the Summer at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”

  1. Just as info, folks, Disney does this type of stuff CONSTANTLY! ” Oh sorry, we are out of those Sandblaster Star Wars Wookie shoes” (example)
    HOWEVER, when they are back in stock,meaning they just got them out of the stockroom, or another 20 billion came in from China, they will be, what? Available at a higher cost to the suckers, I mean general public, that cannot exist without their Disney stuff. That’s the way I personally feel about the situation.

  2. Loth Cats are back in stock, but Toydarian Toymaker looks to be out of plush Chewbacca’s- they’ve out put out “traditional” looking chewies w Star Wars hang tags, as well as Ewoks (wicket) with Star Wars hang tags. Boba Fett maquette was all gone, and i think dejarik and sabbac were gone too.

  3. What is the price adjustment if they are sold out? Do they still sell the beer flight but you don’t get the set to take home? Or did they take it off the menu until it comes back in stock?

    • The beer flight likely follows the same rules as trader Sam’s mugs. Iirc it works like this. You got two options, pay normal price, or pay for the souvenir cup option. Both options results in you getting a set of the fancy mug with your drink, but you CANNOT take home the stuff you personally drank out of.

      When you are done, if you paid for the souvenir option, you take the receipt to the checkout who gives you a boxed up souvenir cup.

      So yes, you can still order the beer flight to drink, at least until the special beer is somehow all out of stock too:p but it will almost certainly still be served in the fancy cups, pretty sure they can’t sell items people ate/drank from, so they will still have enough for serving.

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