REVIEW: New Nigerian Meat Pie and No Worries Panna Cotta at Refreshment Outpost in Epcot

We’re back at the Refreshment Outpost in Epcot to check out the new menu here, now that the beloved hot dogs are gone. Many of you seemed curious about the new additions, like the Nigerian Meat Pie, so we decided to review them for you! You’ll be pleasantly surprised that this new menu is a very welcome one at the location.

The location now sports a revamped menu displaying the new offerings.

For such a creative-looking kiosk, we’re happy it’s finally getting more inspired food to match.

There’s even a sign outside advertising the new menu items.

We decided to go with the Nigerian Meat Pie and the No Worries Panna Cotta for a well-rounded lunch.

Nigerian Meat Pie – $5.49

The meat pie was very flaky and served hot, thankfully. The exterior texture is much like an empanada, made with pastry dough.

The flavors here are strong, but not spicy at all. I think I even tasted some cinnamon and turmeric in there. Even then, the flavors are balanced and not overwhelming. The filling, if you’re curious, is comprised of ground beef, minced onions, and even apricot paste. (But trust me, it works. Think of like, a mango chutney…)

Overall, we really enjoyed it. I’d say it’s a winner, but I doubt kids would like it due to some of the newer, out-there flavors. It’s still a very solid snack or light lunch option, and a unique one at that.

No Worries Panna Cotta – $4.49

This dessert looks nicer than it has any right to, with a Lion King chocolate topper and pretty hues of pink and yellow. That being said, raspberry and mango are the strongest flavors in this dessert. It’s pretty sweet, but not overly so, with a very smooth taste.

The texture here is very similar to pudding, with cookie crumbles on the bottom to break up the monotony.

We’d definitely get this dessert again as it’s surprisingly good. While the portion size is akin to that of a festival dessert (i.e. somewhat small), the prices aren’t bad for how much flavor you’re getting. We’d say both these new items are winners.

We spoke to management while here and the Cast Members seemed really excited about having something new here (especially after slinging hot dogs for so long.) These new items are expected to remain on the menu through Food and Wine, if not longer. If testing goes well during these first initial weeks, the Refreshment Outpost might be getting an even wider variety of menu items, so that should be exciting! Definitely come out and try the meat pie and panna cotta, you won’t be disappointed.

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Dianna B. Shaw
Dianna B. Shaw
1 year ago

Can’t wait to try these! The meat pies look just like what I remember getting from a street vendor in Lagos, Nigeria years ago. Yummo!

1 year ago

the prices will go up by $2.00 before the end of the year

1 year ago

I really hope they keep these for some time so I can try the meat pie on my next trip. I’ve always wished they had more African cuisine to accompany the outposts, so I’m very happy to hear they added at least 1 item and executed it very well.