VIDEO: “Villains Unite the Night!” Show Debuts at Disney Villains After Hours in the Magic Kingdom

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Tonight’s the very first night of the brand-new, limited-time Disney Villains After Hours event at the Magic Kingdom and we’re there to cover all of the food, merch, and entertainment!

Three times each night, you can catch “Villains Unite the Night!”, the 20-minute show for the after hours event, starring all of your favorite Disney Villains.

With Meg by his side, Hades sits atop his dark throne awaiting the alignment of five planets, following a prophecy that states when the five come together he will be able to rule the universe. But this dastardly plan doesn’t go quite as expected, when an assemblage of Disney Villains interrupts his party. Jafar, The Queen, Dr. Facilier and Maleficent arrive with henchmen in tow, prepared to showcase their power with spine-tingling displays of skill. In what comes out to be a quirky display of breakdancing, techno, and loads of castle projections, it’s truly a… unique show, to say the least.

Check out the full show in our video below!

Do note that while Villains do star in this new stage show, they do not participate in character greetings during the event.

Disney Villains After Hours tickets cost $139 plus tax in advance, $144 plus tax on the event night. Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club Members can take advantage of a $30 discount and purchase tickets for $109.

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Colter R
Colter R

Hi Jessica! When/Where does the dragon make an appearance?

Tom Corless
Tom Corless

10:40pm, 11:45pm, and 1:20am through portions of the parade route