PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/1/19 (Canada Day, Pavilion Refurbishments, and a Farewell to the Liberty Inn)

Good morning from Epcot! Let’s see what’s going on today, shall we?

epcot7 1 192

epcot7 1 19 11

The water play area near Test Track which had been under refurbishment is back up and running.

epcot7 1 19 12

Looking fresh, I might add!

epcot7 1 19 8

I stumbled upon this crowd of people waiting for… something, near the fountain stage.

epcot7 1 19 9

Turns out there was a big dance group, known as Dance The World, in town! They did a little parade around Future World.

epcot7 1 19 10


epcot7 1 19 5
Coco Shirt ($24.99)

Walking into Mouse Gear, I found a couple of fun T-shirts on the “deal” table. These are $24.99 each or $22.00 a piece when you buy two.

epcot7 1 19 6
Star Wars Shirt ($24.99)

epcot7 1 19 7

epcot7 1 19 3

The Passholder Mickey Mouse magic band is officially available now.

epcot7 1 19 2

Also released today was a fun Rafiki Lion King magic band.

epcot7 1 19 4

Speaking of The Lion King, they still have plenty of limited edition Lion King pins at the Pin Traders.

Canada Day

epcot7 1 19 13

Canada is under refurbishment for the upcoming film replacing the current version of O’ Canada. The old movie hasn’t closed yet, but they’re getting a head start on cleaning up the rockwork outside.

epcot7 1 19 1

That means no waterfall for a while, unfortunately.

epcot7 1 19 30

epcot7 1 19 29

epcot7 1 19 24

But don’t let that get you down: today was Canada Day!

epcot7 1 19 28

The cast members did their best to try and celebrate with what they had.

epcot7 1 19 26

epcot7 1 19 27

epcot7 1 19 25

There was a fun meet up of Canadians in the gardens to celebrate today! Most of them were cast members from the International Program on their day off.

epcot7 1 19 23

Canadian pride!

The United Kingdom

epcot7 1 193

Next door in the United Kingdom pavilion, I noticed a few new very British things for sale. For example, this plush Welsh Corgi.

epcot7 1 194

Lots of Paddington available now, as well!

epcot7 1 195

epcot7 1 196

epcot7 1 197

Nothing says represents the long history of the former British Empire like Elton John.

Farewell Liberty Inn

epcot7 1 19 19

I had to stop in and get a good look at an oft-overlooked location in World Showcase before it closes: The Liberty Inn. This basic quick service spot has a quaint early Epcot feel to it, and I’ll be sad to see it change into the upcoming Regal Eagle Smokehouse. I’m sure the new menu will be an upgrade, but what can I say, I’m a traditionalist.

epcot7 1 19 21

epcot7 1 19 22

Walls are already up for where the new Smoker is going to go ( for the new restaurant).

epcot7 1 19 17

epcot7 1 19 15

I’m sure these colonial flags are on the chopping block.

epcot7 1 19 14

epcot7 1 19 18

epcot7 1 19 16

No word on how much the interior will change yet, but we can assume it will look relatively different.

epcot7 1 19 20

Cast members weren’t sure what, if any, of the special menu for the “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Live” show across the way would survive the restaurant’s closure. The show continues for over a month after the Liberty Inn closes on the 8th of July.

That’s all for today! There are lots of changes headed for Epcot, large and small, in the near future. Stay with us and you’ll hear about all of it as it happens.

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  1. Love the original colony flags, and a needed touch of history in America’s pavilion. Hope they stay

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